I Helped Find a Lost Beagle via Telepathic Communication — No, Really!

It might sound crazy to some, but I connect with missing animals to get them home safely.


When I’m not writing for Dogster, I’m working with animals in my animal communication and consulting business. I help people and their furry companions in many ways, including resolving behavioral changes with animals, assisting with the grief of an animal making their transition, and reuniting families with missing animals. Each area has its own challenges and rewards.

But, I have to admit, nothing compares to helping families find their lost animals and bringing them home safe and sound.

From my office in Georgia, I’ve worked with families from all over the world. Though I’ve become an expert in this area of animal communication, there are never any guarantees that a missing animal will be reunited with his family — the animal might have passed away while out on her own or he is too scared to return because he was chased away by a predator.

But, when an animal is reunited with his or her family, it’s an incredible feeling to know that the information I was able to convey to the family aided in finding their beloved animal.

Today I share a recent success story of how I helped a lost Beagle reunite with her family.

A client of mine from Indiana requested my assistance in locating her missing Beagle. Her Beagle had been staying at her mom’s house when someone left the front door open too long. The Beagle thought this would be the perfect time to escape from the house and explore the neighborhood. This wasn’t the first time the dog had gone on an exploration of the neighborhood, so, initially, they weren’t too concerned. However, a day passed and she wasn’t located in the normal spots she liked to visit.

As with all of my lost animal cases, I collected the necessary information about the Beagle: the dog’s name, a picture of the dog, the date the dog went missing, and the address where the dog was last seen. From there, I communicated with the dog to receive any relevant information about her immediate surroundings.

In general, when I make a connection with an animal, it’s an intuitive, or telepathic, connection. I also use a technique called “map dowsing” to determine where the animal’s energy is the strongest at the time that I communicate with the animal. Together, this provides me with the necessary information from the dog, which I then share with the family.

In this case, I asked my client to travel to an area a couple of miles southeast of her mom’s home. The area wasn’t in a neighborhood like her mom’s home. Instead, it was rural farmland with woods, open fields, and a nearby interstate. She took the information I provided and began her search in the area suggested.

After spending a couple of hours in that area, she hadn’t located her missing dog. But she saw a man standing outside of his house in the front yard. Per my advice, she stopped and asked the man if he’d seen her dog. The man stated that he had seen the dog the day before and again that morning. However, the dog would run whenever he approached. So, she decided to stay in the area, driving and walking around to see if her dog would return. After two days, her dog didn’t return to that man’s yard.

She contacted me again to schedule another consultation to collect further information. I used the same process as I did the first time. Again, I received information from her dog, and the map dowsing showed her dog three miles south of where she was last seen. The area was called Hidden Lake. It was a large lake in a secluded area, with a few homes scattered around. She took the information and went to the area to search. She spent most of the morning driving around the area in hopes of spotting her dog. When that didn’t yield any results, she decided to visit each of the homes surrounding the lake to see if anyone had seen her dog.

As she walked towards the last home in the area, she was becoming discouraged. But, she knocked on the door anyway and waited to see if anyone was home. After a couple of minutes, a lady opened the door. She confirmed that the dog had come to her home. She gave the dog some food and called animal control. Animal control had collected the dog and taken her to the county shelter.

My client rushed to the county shelter, hoping that it was indeed her dog and that they hadn’t done anything to her. As she walked through the door at the shelter, she could hear all the dogs barking. But, there was one low-toned howl that brought a smile to her face. She knew that distinctive voice, and knew it was her sweet baby. They escorted her back to the kennels and there she was, wagging her tail and acting like nothing had happened. They left the shelter and drove home for some food, water, and a long nap for the both of them. She was back home with her family, safe and sound. All was well in their world again!

While I’ve had many successful stories like this, including reuniting a two-pound, 18-year-old blind Yorkie with her family, they aren’t all successful for many reasons (including those I mentioned previously). But, if you or someone you know have a missing animal and you would like to find out more about the lost animal services that I offer, please visit my website for more information. There are also many helpful lost-animal tips on the site that anyone can use if they have a missing animal.

Have you ever used professional help to get your lost dog back? Do you have any experience with telepathic communication and dogs? Tell us about it in the comments!

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