How and Why to Prepare a Simple Curry Meal for Your Senior Dog

At 15 years of age, my senior K9 Sheba is not getting any younger. Or is she? Four months ago, Sheba underwent stem cell regeneration...


At 15 years of age, my senior K9 Sheba is not getting any younger. Or is she?

Four months ago, Sheba underwent stem cell regeneration therapy to help her cope with the arthritis that was crippling her hips and hind legs. She used to scream in pain when one of my younger dogs accidentally bumped into her; these days, as befits her breed, Sheba brazenly bosses her packmates around and enjoys raucously romping down our hallway with her much younger beau Lazarus (yep, my girl is a cougar).

But her renewed physical strength is coupled withan almostbionic stubbornness. If Sheba wants to cut her walk short, she will drop anchor on the streetand make herself as heavy and immovable as possible until I relent and escort her back home. It’s as if she forgets that she is, in fact, strong enough to walk without experiencing outrageous pain.

Has dementia set in? I hope not; Sheba appears to be as alert as ever. But just to be sure, I’ve designed her diet to ensure that she has the best chance of remaining mentally fit.

It is indeed possible to eat one’s way toward better health. In India, rates of Alzheimer’s disease are the lowest in the world; in the United States, on the other they’re among the highest. Researchers reckon that this disparitymight havesomething to do with the fact that, in India, people eat lots of curry. And it so happens that two of thekey ingredient of curry – turmeric and cinnamon -are scientifically proven to be brilliant for brain health.

So, in addition to her twice-daily dose of hawthorn (for her heart), milk thistle (for her liver), fish oil and FlexPet (for her joints), Sheba eats her meals liberally sprinkled with turmeric and cinnamon. To be sure she’s getting enough curcumin (the active ingredient that makes turmeric so good for animal and human wellness), I add in curcumin supplements.

Over it all, I pour a loving spoonful of coconut oil. As we saw here, it’s a simple -and simply delicious -way to promotebrain health.

The result is a simple curry meal that doesn’t require any cooking at all – just a little extra prep time. That small effort reaps big health rewards, as the spices and oil enhance the nutrition and flavor of any type of dog diet, whether vegetarian or carnivorous. Plus, the aroma ofSheba’s food bowl is truly delightful. Little wonder she licks it clean every time!

A big plus: Drinking in that spicy aroma excites my taste buds for curry.I find I must answer the craving, often! But when that’s not possible, I’m still protected because, like my dog, I too take curcumin supplements every day. I also sprinkle cinnamon on a variety of my own foods and beverages, and do all my cooking in coconut oil.

So, it turns out that by taking care of my dog’s mental health, I’m motivated to protect my own. Is there a healthy routine you’ve picked up from your pet? Please share it in the comments!

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