How Pinterest Helps Me Keep a Clean House Despite My Dirty Dog


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When looking for new ways to battle against dog dirt in my house, my favorite place to turn is Pinterest. It’s a great location to find crowdsourced solutions to my cleaning issues. I pulled out a few favorites to share.

If your dog is dirty, there’s a good chance his collar is, too. After taking the collar off, remove any tags, and loosen up by the hardware. Place the collar into a sock and tie off the open end. Now just toss it in your washer with a load of clothes. —

Baking powder by Shutterstock.
Baking powder by Shutterstock.

If your dog’s fur is matted, use baby powder to help loosen up the knots. —

Apple cider vinegar by Shutterstock.
Apple cider vinegar by Shutterstock.

In between baths, wipe your dog down with dog wipes. Dog wipes can be purchased from any pet store, or you can make your own. Soak rags or paper towels in a mixture of 50 ounces of hot water, ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. —

Dryer sheet by Downy.
Dryer sheet by Downy.

Keep baseboards cleaner longer by rubbing them with a dryer sheet to help them repel hair and dirt. —

Maltese on bed by Shutterstock.
Maltese on bed by Shutterstock.

If your dog sleeps on your bed with you, it’s probably time to freshen up your mattress. After stripping your bed, cover your mattress with a mixture of baking soda (1 cup) and essential oils (4 drops) — lavender oil is the most popular choice. Pour it through a sifter over your bed. Wait an hour, then vacuum using your machine’s hose attachment. —

Melamine sponge by Shutterstock.
Melamine sponge by Shutterstock.

For dirt on the walls, use a mixture of hot water, white vinegar, and a few shakes of baking soda. Use a rag or a Magic Eraser to wipe the walls clean with your homemade solution. For tougher spots, switch to a toothbrush and a paste made from baking soda and vinegar. —

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