Is Riggins Reviewing the Hurtta Sun & Bug Blocker? Or Did He Join the Ghostbusters Cast?


Finnish company Hurtta started out making collars and leashes for hunting dogs. Its product offerings now include gear that helps all kinds of pups stay safe and happy on their outdoor adventures. The company sent us the Sun & Bug Blocker to try out. Despite it being pretty much a onesie, I was able to convince Riggins to put it on!

Riggins takes a break on the trail with his Sun & Bug Blocker on. (Photo by Wendy Newell)
Riggins, wearing his Sun & Bug Blocker, takes a break during a recent hike. (Photo by Wendy Newell)

The Sun & Bug Blocker is designed to protect pups when they are out and about in nature. Kim Peschardt, Brand Director for Hurtta, explains, “Most people wouldn’t think of going outdoors without taking certain precautions, so why wouldn’t you afford the same protection for your dog.”

She has a point. I slather myself with sunscreen before I dare walk out into daylight. I didn’t even think about protecting Riggins from the sun! Not to mention, I’m all for anything that keeps bugs off my baby boy. Neither one of us like it when I find a tick and have to remove it from his, apparently, delicious body.

When I opened the package that Hurtta sent and pulled out a dog onesie, I giggled out loud. I swear, Riggins rolled his eyes when I held it up and exclaimed, “Look at what you get to review for Dogster!”

Riggins struts down the trail like it's a runway. (Photo by Wendy Newell)
Riggins struts down the trail like it’s a runway. (Photo by Wendy Newell)

We decided to try out the suit on one of our hikes with friends. It took me a little bit of time to figure out how to put it on. After a couple failed tries, due to Riggins wiggling and my aversion to reading instructions, I got him suited up! Riggins didn’t seem to mind his hiking outfit and actually enjoyed the extra attention. Throughout our adventure, friends told him he was super handsome, between giggles, and helped him scrunch up his leggings in true ’80s fashion.

We couldn’t decide if Riggins looked more like a member of Devo in the suit or like a Ghostbuster. He seemed to be channeling Dr. Peter Venkman, as every time he looked at me I heard, “Back off man, I’m a scientist.” It was really hard to take him seriously. Also, his backside looked adorable, with his tail sticking out.

Cute backside! (Photo by Wendy Newell)
Cute backside! (Photo by Wendy Newell)

People we met on the trails were either very confused and couldn’t quite grasp the concept or thought it was brilliant! One of Riggins’ friends, a Dalmatian named Luna, may be wearing one soon. Her dad figures that it will help keep his car safe from her aggressive shedding. Anyone who has owned a Dalmatian knows their barbed-style hair is almost impossible to remove once it gets weaved into the fabric of of upholstery.

Another friend, and professional dog hiker/runner/walker, was very excited to learn about the product. He plans to pair it with the OutFox Field Guard, a mesh mask that covers a dog’s face, to keep his Australian Shepherd, a foxtail magnet, safe on the Southern California trails.

Seeking attention from a friend. (Photo by Wendy Newell)
Seeking attention from a friend. (Photo by Wendy Newell)

I noticed that the light color and material helped keep my black dog cool even on a summer day in sunny So. Cal. Normally, if Riggins doesn’t have his cooling vest on, his fur is hot to the touch within just a few minutes. Our hike lasted about 90 minutes, and the surface of Riggins’ body didn’t heat up.

The Sun & Block is made from light, durable, and flexible material that has been dermatologically determined to be safe for dogs. The Clariant Sanitized finish, which helps keep wearers bug free as well as safe from UV rays, via a UPF protection of 40, lasts 100 washes and remains effective in salt water. That means your pup can wear it to the beach like a doggie swimsuit!

Keeping LA safe from paranormal activity. (Photo by Wendy Newell)
Keeping L.A. safe from paranormal activity. (Photo by Wendy Newell)

There is no doubt that Riggins looked a little silly as he swaggered up and down the hill, but he owned that suit. I’m fine with a few sideways glances from fellow hikers if it means my baby boy is safer in this activewear.

Dogster scorecard

Quality: The quality of the suit is top notch. There were a few areas where Riggins’ barrel chest made the suit tight, but he no problems moving around during an active romp.
Style: Riggins’ ain’t afraid of no ghost!
Function: Although Riggins doesn’t normally suffer from sunburn, I do know dogs who do. I imagine the suit would help. Not to mention, it covers a majority of the dog’s body, which helps reduce irritation from bugs and thorns. It’s easy to get on, once you figure it out. I struggled a little getting it off, but managed.
Creativity: It’s a plain suit, but slap on a no-ghost logo and add a backpack with hose, and your Sun & Bug Blocker doubles as a Halloween costume.
Value: At $55 to $59, it is less expensive than a trip to the vet to remove a foxtail or to treat an illness caused by bug bites. For active dogs whose breeds tend to attract the nasty part of nature, it is a good investment.

Bottom line

Sure it looks a little silly, but the Bug & Sun Blocker is designed to help keep your dog safe, and that is worth any amount of visual embarrassment.

P.S.: Riggins wanted me to share that the suit also protects against ectoplasm slime.

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