Ballistic Friends Toys from the Kong Wubba Line: Tough Enough for Your Dog?

Ace the Boston Terrier challenges one to see whether it can withstand a tough game of tug.


A durable dog toy is the Holy Grail for many dog owners. We spend time and money searching for the toy that our dogs will love but that will also survive their strong jaws and the limitations of our wallets. If you think this is just a problem for owners of large dogs, think again –- although Ace certainly is not as strong of a chewer as her large dog cousins, her bite can be destructive. She is at her worst when she truly loves a toy and becomes obsessive in her chewing.

Dog owners take to the Internet to share their experiences with various toys, and in my search of forums and other product reviews (including one of my Dogster reviews) I found many owners satisfied with toys from the Kong Wubba line. These toys come in a variety of sizes (extra small to large) and are shaped reminiscent of the Kong Classic rubber treat toy. Kong has a video of various dogs playing with Wubbas, and it gives you an idea of the range of sizes available.

We owned an extra small Wubba Classic toy some months ago. I found it held up to a puppy Ace rather well, though she killed the squeaker quickly. We discarded the toy after taking it outside one day and having trouble cleaning it again for indoor use.

Ace and I got the chance to try a size small toy from the Kong Wubba Ballistic Friends collection ($8.99). Kong describes these toys as “the cutest and toughest interactive squeak and shake toys available.” Immediately, I decided this claim was at least partially accurate -– look at that cute monkey face! It reminded me of a certain snub-nosed friend of mine.

The Wubba is versatile. The head and muzzle are soft and feel full of stuffing. The middle section containing the squeaker is somewhat rigid and contains a squeaker. The tail is comprised of four flat strips of the same tough nylon that covers the toy. These different textures make the Wubba interesting to a dog. I found Ace playing with the toy in different ways during the same play session.

As I’ve mentioned before in other articles, Ace’s true love is playing fetch. The Wubba was great for an indoor game of fetch. It sailed through the air and bounced a few times on the carpeted floor, which thrilled her. Its proportions are perfect for her mouth, though she tended to pick it up by its soft head instead of its tough middle.

The Wubba was fantastic for tug. From the human’s perspective, the Wubba was easy for me to get a good grip for optimum tugging power. Ace also seemed able to get a good hold on Wubba’s muzzle or tails.

I think the variety of textures kept Ace interested in the Wubba longer than other toys. She seems especially drawn to the unique tails.

As with most toys, I would recommend supervising your dog when playing with this toy. Ace really wanted to settle down and chew on the tails, and although they feel strong and stable, I know she has a powerful mouth.

Speaking of Ace’s powerful mouth, how did the Wubba hold up? Aside from superficial damage (some nylon fibers unraveled from the muzzle), Wubba is intact after a week of abuse. I see a lot of Wubba time in Ace’s future, and when Wubba kicks the can, as all toys eventually do, I’ve got my eye on that cute Wubba Ballistic pink hippo.

Dogster scorecard for Kong Wubba Ballistic Friends

  • Quality: This Wubba is covered in tough nylon that held up to Ace’s chewing and tugging.
  • Style: The teal monkey Wubba is completely adorable and looks suspiciously like a certain Boston Terrier I know.
  • Function: Wubba delivers on its promise to be a tough fetch and tug toy. It comes in a variety of sizes for dogs large and small.
  • Creativity: Wubba has a unique shape and comes in a variety of cute critters and colors.
  • Value: If a semi-stuffed toy can last for a week in Ace’s mouth, then I think $8.99 is a fair deal.

Bottom line

For tug and fetch indoors, I love this tough monkey Wubba, and I think you will, too.

Hey Dogster readers, help me out: Which toys have stood the test of time in your households? Have you bought home a seemingly indestructible toy only to watch in horror as your dog tore it to shreds? Post your experiences with tough toys in the comments!

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