Let’s Talk: What Invention Would You Most Like to See For Your Dog?

A real-life Wallace and Gromit and their literal Twitter feed have been making headlines around the world this week. "Wallace," aka Nat Morris, a computer...


A real-life Wallace and Gromit and their literal Twitter feed have been making headlines around the world this week. “Wallace,” aka Nat Morris, a computer consultant, has invented a way for you to send a tweet to “Gromit,” aka Toby, and have a couple of pieces of kibbleor tiny treats magically come down a tube to be devoured by the cute little terrier.

Here’s how you can feed Toby: Go his Twitter account, follow him, and send him a tweet with the word “feed” in it. If you hit the timing just right, you maybe among the lucky ones whose tweets make the “Wallace” contraption kick into gear, resulting, eventually, in a little treat dropping down a tube and ostensibly into Toby’s bowl.

You have to check out the video below. It’s really quite an invention Morris has made. He’s had to set quantity limits because Toby has been getting a lot of people trying to feed him, and little Toby could easily become fat Toby. (I bet Toby sometimes wishes his “Wallace” weren’t quite so technically adept!) The return tweet comes with a bunch of images of Toby eating the treat.

I bet Morris could sell his technology and contraption to people who would love to feed their dogs remotely. It’s really pretty cool. You may be away on a business trip or vacation, but you can still “feed” your dog. Hook it up to Skype, and you’ve got your voice and mug right there as well.

Morris’ invention got me to thinking about other nifty potential dog-oriented inventions. Have you ever wished you could have some kind of machine that would help with life with your dog? I have.

I’d love to see a poop-detector. Using cutting-edge detection technology, this little gizmo would maneuver around your yard — much like a robo vacuum — scooping up orphan poops for easy and stink-free disposal. Jake doesn’t often use the yard to poop, but sometimes he does, and they can be very hard to find.,

Let’s talk about your ideas. If you could invent any technology or machinery to benefit your dog (and you?), what would you put together? Please describe it so we can get a good feel for it. If you aren’t big in the imagination department, you can contribute to the discussion by telling us what currently available gizmos you find particularly fascinating.

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