Let’s Talk: What’s the Weirdest Thing Your Dog Has Ever Eaten?

Our earlier story about a bull mastiff who ate an entire wedge of Brie (knife and all) got me reminiscing about some things Jake has eaten in his life, especially in his puppyhood.


Our earlier story about a bull mastiff got me reminiscing about some things Jake has eaten in his life, especially in his puppyhood.

I wince when I think of all the horrid things he noshed. Included on his menu of unabashed abscondery were a couple of keys, a women’s razor, a can of pepper spray (not actually eaten, but thoroughly punctured, with the terrible aftereffects you might imagine), a dishrag, and many rocks. We got to know the veterinary staff very well in those early weeks after we adopted him.

Fortunately, now that’s he’s nearing 10 years old, his appetite for dangerous items seems to have gone away. Nowadays he is content with flip-flops and giant amounts of food he can get away with stealing — something we do everything to prevent, but we are not infallible, as you can see from this holiday shot where we caught him in the act.

After wincingly looking down Jake’s Munchy Memory Lane, I started thinking about my years at Dogster, and all the things I’ve heard from readers about what their dogs have eaten. I poked around old comments and saw that Bruce ate a basketball, Moses ate an open safety pin and a needle, and Harley ate a maggoty fishhead, which he proceeded to throw up at his loving owner’s feet.

Some of you have been able to identify with X-rays like this.

Or this.

Or maybe you have watched over your dog so perfectly that he has never ingested anything but the food you give him. I’d like to shake your hand, because I don’t know anyone whose dog is over a certain age who doesn’t have at least one tale to tell. But I bet there are a number of Dogster readers who qualify.

Whatever the case, let’s talk! What’s the weirdest thing your dog has ever eaten? If your dog has downed more than one oddball item, do tell! Whether your dog is a canine vacuum cleaner or the perfect pooch who has never downed so much as a piece of cat poop from the litter box, this is the place to tell your tales!

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