Lonely Hearts and Dog Rescuers, Part Three

I'm overdue in providing an update to the story of meeting upwith the manwho transported the pit bull formerly known as Buttercup from Connecticut to...


I’m overdue in providing an update to the story of meeting upwith the manwho transported the pit bull formerly known as Buttercup from Connecticut to New York City, then took me out for lunch. Here’s the scoop.

You couldn’t ask for a more attentive love interest than Taurus Man. He calls every single day just to say hello and chat. He’s not afraid toget all mushy, letting you know he admires you for rescuing dogs. Then, complimenting your “personality that won’t quit,” he shifts into high gear to make plans for a fun night out orlong weekend away.

You have multiple dogs? He’ll offer to help you walk them! Or, he’llmake plans to drive your dogs to their favorite boarding facility, then whisk you away in his convertible for a road trip. Those photographs he took of you and your dog? He’ll have one printed andovernight it to you in a frame (see photo above for proof)! He’ll take you out dancing – and, asnice as you look in your casual dog-walking getup,he can’t wait to see you decked out ina dress and heels, with full hair and makeup.

Give him props for his kindness, and hemodestly shrugs it off: “That’s how I roll,” he says.

Herewas a paragon of masculine virtue: A decisive, action-oriented, earthy, kind, can-doguy who’s not deterred bya gal in her mid-40s with asix-pack of large, rescued dogs. And, let’s not forget, a Taurus:the highly tactile zodiac sign renowned foritssuper-sensual touch in love. My work load was heavy that week, but Ifigured I’d have to be nuts not to make timefor a second date. We agreed that he woulddrive to Manhattan, take us out for dinner, then… what?

That lastpartwas whatworried me: Getting too intimate too soon. I voiced my concerns; he listened like a man. No pressure, he said: He’d be happy just to cuddle. And besides, whether we wind upas lovers orjust friends, he added, he’d always be there for me.

But if we did become intimate,out of respect for my sensitivity to chemicals,he promised he’d discontinue using the aggressive fragrance I detected on his person, andswitch to any subtle, chemical-free fragrance I recommended.Plus, he’dcome prepared with non-latex Skyn condoms.I was impressed, as anyone would be, by suchthoughtful considerations.

But the very day before my second date with Taurus Man-every single female Dogster’s dream come true -a very different dream came true for me: one I’d held dear for a very long time.

I’d been waiting for months to get the green light to start my next book. And the light finally turned. About an hour after I got the good news, Taurus Man called. I told him about the new development. Then I explained that, regretfully,this meant I’d haveto put all my energy into my book, leaving no time forthe kind offull-on relationship he envisioned.

“But to write a book, you need to see other things, other places,” he said.

“It doesn’t work like that,” I replied. “Ihave to focus on my book and give itall I’ve got. It’s the most important thing in my life right now.”

That’s the truth: Ido need to see my book exclusively. There’s just no time to be staring into someone’s eyes when the computer screen beckons. Seeing Taurus Man would’ve been exciting, to be sure, but the time andeffort I was bound to investjust getting dressedand made upwould distract me from my literary mission. I would inevitably resent being less than fully productive, and that wouldn’t be fair – to him or me. I canceled the date.

Being a writer is sometimes a lonely life. I’m resigned to this, and very grateful for thenon-judgmental company of my literary muses: my dogs. My ideal guy will just have to accept that, right now, my work comes first.

Taurus Man was disappointed, but -characteristally -super nice about the whole thing. We parted as friends. “Remember, I’ll always be here for you,” he said.

So, as hard as this is to believe, Ireleased this prime catch withoutever touching him. Ahandsome,musclebound, gallant, availableanimal lover who refuses to date women under 45 because he’s 53 and “it wouldn’t be right” … that’s pretty appealing, wouldn’t you say? Swimming free out there in the sea of love,Taurus Man hasdoubtless been hooked by now.

But just in case he hasn’t, single lady Dogsters, here are some clues to help yourecognizehim: He’stallwith dark hair and blue eyes;helives in Connecticut; he goes out dancing several times a week;he recently won a tight-jeans contest on the dance floor (!); he drives a black Mercedes convertible.

Happy hunting!

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