Meet Nubbles the Chihuahua: Two-Legged and Completely Adorable

Nubbles is a Chihuahua with only two legs, but she can still throw side eye with the best of them.


Okay, usually when I write these Monday Miracles, I like to use Facebook as research, and so I am naturally drawn to pages with robust imagery and a fleshed-out narrative. This is important if you’re considering creating a page for an animal friend or a brand or a rescue — make sure you tell people who you are!

But I came across Nubbles, whose page doesn’t contain much data, and, like, how can I not? Nubbles is a two-legged Chihuahua who sometimes uses a wheelchair but mostly just hops around like an adorable T-Rex. I don’t know if Nubbles was born this way or if something happened to Nubbles, but it appears that Nubbles’ nearly nonexistent front legs are simply an instance where Mother Nature didn’t leave the pizza in the oven long enough, and so there’s just a bunch of still-kinda-cold dough in the middle. (I’ve done this, like, a million times — sometimes some things are just too good to wait for!)

There isn’t much on Nubbles’ Facebook page, but a lot of photos! Which is great! We don’t need a backstory when we’ve got all these adorable photos!

And lest you think that just because Nubbles is minus two legs she can’t live a happy, full doggy life, allow me to present some photo evidence to the contrary:

1. Nubbles can still wrestle with the best of them, and then make it look like there was no trouble at all, sir

2. Nubbles can still pose like a mermaid — duh

3. Nubbles can still serve a severe helping of side eye

4. Nubbles can still cook — I have all my limbs and I’ve been banned from the kitchen

5. Nubbles can still do whatever is going on here

6. Nubbles can still peer with a delicate mixture of curiosity and disdain at a baby cat (known as a kitten)

7. Nubbles can still make a face of disgust after meeting dogs with four legs, all like, “Evolve already, why don’t you?”

If you find Nubbles as irresistible as I do, go check out her page, and let her know that Dogster sent you. All photos are via her Facebook page.

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