What Are the Most Affectionate Dog Breeds? Let’s Meet 5 Cuddly Dogs

Bulldog. Photography courtesy Shelby Stewart.

While some dogs prefer play to pats, almost all dogs love the occasional kiss or cuddle. But today we’re focusing on some of the most affectionate dog breeds. Their motto? Bring on the sports, but also prioritize smooches!

1. Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle.
The Toy Poodle is one of the most affectionate dog breeds. Photography courtesy Sandy Mainardi.

Que je vous dise sur moi! France claims me and, of course, the French are celebrated for romance and kisses. But on to some history: we Toy Poodles are beloved by the French, but the early ancestors of the Standard Poodle were bred for water retrieving in Germany. Keep in mind that my three varieties (the Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodle) were only grouped together in the mid-20th century. We social and energetic Toy Poodles have provided companionship and warmth to families for centuries. Natural learners, we rock out in obedience work. Just don’t underestimate our enthusiasm for snuggle-time. Most of us (if allowed) will cuddle you all night long.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever.
Golden Retrievers are, unsurprisingly, an affectionate dog breed. Photography courtesy Geri Yaccino.

We’re renowned family dogs these days, but we were developed in Scotland as exceptional gundogs for fowl retrieval. Lord Tweedmouth bred us for water work, strength and yellow shades of coat. I often carry my tail merrily, evidencing my bright outlook on life. Our soft mouths, developed for retrieving, offer tender and delightful kisses. While we save our greatest affection for family, we also typically bestow love on newcomers, too. Come for kisses! I’ll leave that barky guard dog behavior to another breed.

3. Basset Hound

Basset Hound.
Basset Hounds lavish their humans with affection. Photography courtesy Jennie Hibbert, Maple Street Bassets.

Laid-back, congenial and approachable, I give and gather smooches readily. I hold mankind dear to my heart. But don’t let my sweet disposition fool you. I’m distinguished for my sensitive hunting nose. Developed in France for hunting, we trailed small game slowly so we wouldn’t leave hunters in the dust. I thrive on exercise (May I suggest tracking rather than obedience?), but I welcome closeness once we’re home. Along with my slurpy kisses, be prepared for my barks, bays and howls: They’re all basic to the Basset!

4. Vizsla

Vizslas are one of the most affectionate dog breeds out there. Photography courtesy Mandy Heintz.

We’re passionate about both sports and people. Developed to hunt and retrieve in forest, field and water, we’re extraordinary athletes. One of the oldest sporting breeds, my forefathers hunted with Magyar tribes. The Hungarian aristocracy fine-tuned our hunting abilities and cherished us as companions. Our warm natures were cultivated by families who kept us in the households, rather than putting us out to kennels. Today, I’m as eager to give you a smackeroo as to run with you. At only about 50 pounds, I’ll also try to fit on your lap for an extra dose of affection.

5. Bulldog

Bulldog. Photography courtesy Shelby Stewart.
Bulldogs are a very loving dog breed. Photography courtesy Shelby Stewart.Photography courtesy Shelby Stewart.

Although originally bred for hard work, I’ll confess that we’re more tender than tough. In particular, we crave interaction and affection. My ancestors were bred in England to drive cattle and work on farms. In modern times, we’re committed to the sport of companionship. We still boast our beloved under-bite, as well as a trace of lovable stubbornness. But we’re calm and kindhearted with the family, often especially with little children. Together with smooches, we offer snorts, snuffles and occasionally slobber to those we love.

Tell us: Do you have one of the most affectionate dog breeds? Is your dog a snuggler but not on our list?

Thumbnail: Photography courtesy Shelby Stewart.

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27 thoughts on “What Are the Most Affectionate Dog Breeds? Let’s Meet 5 Cuddly Dogs”

  1. I have owned many different dog breeds and our pugs are by far the most affectionate dogs. They are one of the best dog breeds for small children because they are able to take some handling without nipping at the kids. They love to interact with people and when it’s time to sleep they are out like a light.

  2. I have a Bichon frise and i think they are the most all round dogs there are and they are so loving it is sometimes annoying but you can’t help but love them the same way back that’s why I’m shocked that the Bichon frise wasn’t mentioned but really all dogs are affectionate as much as the owner is showing them if not the dog being more affectionate towards us they bring us happiness everyday even when were down

  3. Don’t forget those lovable Beagles. Our Beagle “ Griffin” is the sweetest most lovable dog we have had. He’s smart too ,he’ll go sit at the front door to let you know he wants to go outside to take care of business. Griffin loves to be petted.

  4. We have a rescue
    Chihuahua She is smart and sweet and a cuddle bug. And she will go outside or on a pad. She does tricks. Listens to me. Almost reads my mind

    1. Papillons. Often in the top 10 lists for intelligence" training and agility – they are also extremely affectionate. Mine followed me from room to room. They love to be picked up, they shadow you, suffer separation anxiety, you don't really need to call them as they are always near by. They are so loving that they get along really well with cats, other dogs, children. They are perfect dogs. Only a little bigger than a Chihauhau, so you have an eternal puppy.

  5. We have a Wheaten Terrier Collie cross. Ruby has been easy to train, devoted to her people, sweet and cuddly. Chasing or sniffing out rabbits is her ownly downfall. But hey, humans are far from perfect!

  6. Griffon de bruxelas is definately the sweetest, loving, easy trained, quiet, no sheding pet you could find, my Mimi travels with me, plane, train, car, bicycle, bag, has no objections other than be with me

  7. Great Danes are pure velcro dogs. I dont walk 10 feet without them touching me and by my side. Next to me at any given moment. Wants to be with ne 24/7.

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    1. I’ve got the cutest blue Boston Terrier. She lives her life in 2 speeds. Crazy playtime speed & cuddle,snuggle speed. She sleeps tucked up in my arms every night.

    2. My neighbour had a Boxer and they were so loveable. Super affectionate and goofy. Really sweet dog. I'll always remember her.

    1. I have a Chihuahua also who loves to kiss and hug. She is so gentle and smart. She makes my husband and I laugh all the time. She has been a great member of our family.

      1. We have a rescue chihuahua . She is full of love and snuggles . Like she loves us for rescuing her.
        Very protective.

  10. We have a Vizsla and we have never had a more affection dog, also called the Velcro dog as all they want is to be petted. He will stand still and close his eyes as long as you have a hand on him, not stroking just your hand on him is good. Great family dog and very intelligent.

    1. My Chinese Crested dogs and rat terrier mix never leave an empty lap and give so many kisses I have chapped lips all year

  11. I have two big time cuddly dogs. One is a Corgidor (Labrador Retriever/Corgi mix) and the other is a GS/GR mix. Both love to snuggle!

  12. While I have a Standard Poodle puppy who is very affectionate. My minature Dachshund’s are extremely affectionate.

  13. My Sweet little girl is extremely loving and snuggly but didn’t make your list. She is a Cavalier King Charles and seeks affection 24/7.

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