Musewear Lets Dogsters Wear Their Hearts on Their Soles

My fellow Dogsters, reading your comments on this column is so inspiring to me. Especially when one of the comments leads to another column, as...


My fellow Dogsters, reading your comments on this column is so inspiring to me. Especially when one of the comments leads to another column, as it has today!

Last week’scolumn aboutLeo dog loversonly hinted atthe roarsof pride that the zodiac’slionsexpress for their beloved K9s. Leos are so proud of their pets, in fact, that it’s not uncommon for them to, say, create Facebook pages for them, or undertake business enterprises in their honor.

The Leo column prompted some wonderful,enlightening reader contributions. Here’s one of my favorites, from “PoodleDoodleDad”:

As a dog-loving Leo, I have to say you pegged me right (especially the part about having handsomely feline facial features). My wife and I have a Standard Poodle (not a flashy dog at all, huh?) and even though we dont go for any of the pom-poms or poofs, I am always really proud when people throw a smile our way in the park when shes all fluffed out like a stuffed animal. We went for a grooming yesterday and afterwards, she looked like half the dog she had beenliterally; kind of scrawny and stick-figure-like. No one cooed on the subway ride home and I think we both had our tails between our legs (mine a fluffy lions tail, hers not so much). Ah well, she still gets the royal treatment from me, even if she looks more like the court jester than the queen!

Turns out “PoodleDoodleDad” is Michael Franco, who, together with his wife Diane – also a Leo! – recently unleashed a cool company called Musewear Flip Flops.

“We fill flip flop footbeds with striking zodiac artwork and fun signtraits, as well as with quotes,” Michael explains. There’s even a styletailor-made for Dogsters, inspired by the couple’s own dog Chutney. This footwear delivers its meaningful message in two parts. The leftflip-flopsays, “My Goal In LifeIs To Be The Kind Of Person…” and the right completes the thought: “…My Dog Already Thinks I Am.”

Spot on!

“In addition to helping peoplefeel good from the positive words and fun art printed on our flip flops, Musewear also helps themdo good: 15% of our profits are given to charities linked to each particular style,” says Michael, who hopes to donate that percentage from the “My Dog Thinks” style to Best Friends Animal Society.

The leonine design duo also has plans to expand their product line. Their goal istospotlightan entirecollection of dog-centric flip flops! To do that, first they must get the existing designs to move. So, Dogsters, please support them by checking out their site and putting some heart in your soles, pronto. These flip-flops make great gifts.

And please don’t forget to leave a … comment!

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