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I live in the city with six dogs, five of which are less than 20 pounds. We also live in a townhouse, with a “yard” in back that is more of a dirt patch with a couple of raised garden beds than a grassy field. We pretty much need an indoor potty system for our little dogs who don’t like to go outside when it’s cold and wet, which in Seattle can be much of the year.

May Belle prefers to stay inside where it's warm and cozy when the weather is cold and grey. Photo by Kezia Willingham.
May Belle prefers to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy when the weather is cold and grey. (Photo by Kezia Willingham)

Typically, we use potty pads placed on the wood floor behind our couch, and this works well enough for us. However, we were recently given the Piddle Place Pet Relief System to try.

The system is a sturdy, rectangular plastic contraption that is more or less a litter box for dogs. It is almost flat, with an artificial grass mat placed on top. To eliminate odors, there is a bio-enzyme liquid that you mix with water and place inside the base, and you can replace the solution every week to keep things fresh.

Our cat, Ezio, was quite curious about the Piddle Place Pet Relief System. Photo by Kezia Willingham.
Our cat, Ezio, was quite curious about the Piddle Place Pet Relief System. (Photo by Kezia Willingham)

It took my dogs about a week or so before they actually used the Piddle Place to relieve themselves, so at first I wasn’t sure that it would be successful in my household. As things tend to go, right about the time I was going to give up, I witnessed Ruby, our 4-pound Chihuahua, waddle over and pee right on top of it. Victory!

I am not sure if Ruby finally just got used to it or if it was because I placed a potty pad on top, but once she started peeing on it, she continued to do so, and our other dogs followed suit.

Go Ruby! (Photo by Kezia Willingham)
Go, Ruby! (Photo by Kezia Willingham)

Compared to potty pads, I would say the advantage of the Piddle Place Pet Relief System is that it is more environmentally friendly and less expensive over time than potty pads. It is small enough to fit nicely inside most apartments, townhouses, and condos. If you live in a building that requires you to use several flights of stairs or an elevator to get outside, a Piddle Place inside your home is a good option.

Dogster Scorecard for Piddle Place Pet Relief System

Quality: The Piddle Place Pet Relief System appears well made and sturdy. The one thing that bothered me a little was that the artificial turf slides off the base pretty easily and slips onto the floor. Also, one of my cats or dogs (not sure who) chewed some of it, and I worry a little about that.

Style: It does not take up too much room. I am fairly certain no one would find it amazingly good-looking, but it’s not horrendous, either.

Function: The Piddle Place Pet Relief System is definitely functional. I had to place a potty pad on top to get my dogs started, but I think it is a useful tool, especially if you are just getting ready to adopt a small dog and plan to train her from the start to use it.

Creativity: Whoever came up with this idea certainly had a creative approach in thinking of a reusable, environmentally conscious indoor potty-system for pets.

Value: The Piddle Place Pet Relief System can be ordered online through a variety of different companies, including Amazon. It is about $100, which is reasonable, considering that it is reusable and can last for years.

Ruby was the first of our dogs to try Piddle Place. Photo by Kezia Willingham.
Ruby was the first of our dogs to try the Piddle Place. (Photo by Kezia Willingham)

Bottom Line

As pet owner, I think it is good to have as many tools on hand as possible in order to provide your pets with opportunities to be successful, whether you are assisting them with bathroom, food, or medical needs. The Piddle Place Pet Relief System is a great choice for environmentally conscious, small-dog pet parents. The system may not work as well for larger dogs.

You can learn more about the Piddle Place Pet Relief System on the company’s website.

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About Kezia Willingham: Also known as the Breadwinning Laundry Queen, Kezia lives in Seattle with her family, which includes a pack of rescued cats and dogs. She works for an urban Head Start program as the Health Coordinator and is a regular contributor to Catster and Dogster. You can follow her on Twitter.

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