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Remember the honor system? That old-fashioned m.o. in which an enterprise runs on trust and honesty? The thinking goes that, if you're bound by your...


Remember the honor system? That old-fashioned m.o. in which an enterprise runs on trust and honesty? The thinking goes that, if you’re bound by your honor, you won’t need to have the rules strictly enforced. You’ll police yourself, because you wouldn’t want to abuse the trust and confidence placed in you. Nice, quaint idea with absolutely no bearing on the real world, right?

Wrong! There’s a business inNew Hampshire that actually honors the honor system. You canorder products for you and your dog over the telephone, and pay later -after you receive the goods.This business iscalled Green Hope Farms, and its staff couldn’t benicer if they tried.Doing business with them is a pleasure and a welcome throwback to a much kinder, gentler time.

TodayisApril 1st, but this is no April Fool, I promise!

Green Hope Farms makes flower essences for vibrational healing, harnessing the energy of plants to help humans and dogs achieve emotional, mental, and physical balance. Flowers contain positive healing energy, and contact with flower essences transfers that energy to us. I realize this all sounds very woo-woo, but please bear with me. No fooling now.

According to the company’s web site, “Einsteins theory of relativity demonstrated that the world is also an energetic one. This means a model of healing based on the idea of different energies interacting with other energies is an equally valid model.This energetic model is what the world of Flower Essences is all about.”

Medicines are physical substances that interact with one another to cause physical or chemical change, which is healing. Flowers too have medicinal properties, healing powers they can transfer to us and our dogs, to help us. This knowledge has been used by physicians for milennia. As the Green Hope Farms web site explains:

“To continue to live and prosper, each Flower in creation must solve the specific problems it confronts in its eco system.For example, a desert Flower from the American southwest must overcome the challenges of extremes of temperature and infrequent and sparse precipitation, whereas a Flower from Green Hope Farm in northern New Hampshire must tackle the challenges of dramatic seasonal temperature fluctuations and fierce winters. The solutions Flowers develop in response to the problems they face become part of the Flowers architecture and growing habits as well as its energetic vibration.This vibration is the unique electrical pattern each Flower has.”

Here’s how it works: When we drink water containing drops of a tincture made from flowers, the flowers’ energy is transferred to us for healing. And if we add drops of specific flower-essence tinctures to our dogs’ water, they too can benefit from that energy transfer.

Green Hope Farms’ Animal Wellness Collectionincludes essences that really work to help dogs enjoy a calm, balanced life. Each one addresses a specificpet issue, and eachcomes in a small, charminglyhand-labeled,apothecary dropper bottle made of blue glass. (Plus, the essencesare alcohol-free; the tinctures come in a base of shiso, which is a species of mint.)

“New Beginnings” and “Transition” are helpful if you must move to a new home, which is always a stressful experience for both dogs and humans, or if you bring home a newly adoptedshelter dog, or embark on a new training regimen. There’s “Abandonment & Abuse,” which I’ve used many times to support rescued dogs who’ve had traumatic experiences. “Jealousy” helps when I must introduce a new dog to my pack, and one of the dogs feels as if I’m trying to replace him or her. “Separation” and “Neediness” are coping mechanisms for dogs who can’t let you out of their sight, and come in quite handy if, say, you must board your pet.

Nine years ago, when my late, great brindle beauty Britannia Tige battled her way back from a deadly Tetanus infection that very nearly finished her, she drank water spiked with Green Hope Farms’ “Recovery” and “Run & Play.” The flower essences combined in “Recovery,” for instance, include some familiar ones (Comfrey, Dandelion, Larkspur, Lavender) plus several I’d never heard of before(Bermuda Olivewood, Capeweed, Devil’s Bit Scabiosa). I’m certain thehealing energy in those two concoctions helpedmake her next 6 years on Earth healthy, high-quality ones.(God I miss that dog.)

Self-explanatory essences include “Healthy Coat,” “Immune Support,” and “Grief & Loss.”That last one was a huge help when Britannia died. On that day, my beloved Border Collie Sheba lost her best friend. I’ddecidedto have Sheba present when B was put to sleep, and maybe this was not the smoothest move.Later that night, Sheba fell ill with a seriousinfection and required emergency hospitalization. Coincidence? I thought not. So Sheba drank water spiked with “Grief & Loss”and “Immune Support,” and made afine recovery.I know I wouldn’t have been able to lose bothbeauties at once.

The kind, patientstaff at Green Hope Farms will help guide you to the exact essence(s) to help your best friend. Check out their web site, give them a call, and experience their most gracious gift to their customers: complete confidence in the honor system. Enjoy!

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