Paddington the Shar-Pei Reigns Over Instagram With His Comical Style


Paddington is the sort of dog who causes you look twice to make sure you’re not actually gawping at some fantastical otherworldly visitor. He’s a Shar-Pei, which accounts for his cartoon-style loose skin — a physical feature that ensures his photos come to life when they’re posted on his Instagram account. It also helps that he’s a pro at dressing up in outfits and posing with props.

Here’s a close-up look at this “Shar-Pei from outta space” and his endearingly comical social media reign.

When Annie met Paddington

Paddington’s owner, Annie, is based in Australia, and their paths first crossed back in 2010. Remembering their initial meeting, Annie describes her Shar-Pei as “an adorable little bag of wrinkles with a black button nose.”

Best mates!

Since finding each other, Annie and Paddington have become inseparable pals. “He was absolutely the best friend I had been longing for,” she recalls. “We haven’t spent a day apart since.”

Part-time dinosaur

As you scroll through Paddington’s Instagram outlet, he begins to give off the air of a put-upon but tolerant old man, not least thanks to his facial expressions. But when it comes to his real personality, Annie says he’s simply a mix between a “sensitive gentleman” and a “part-time dinosaur.” Glad we cleared that one up.

Social media king

Since starting his Instagram account, Paddington’s profile has been on the up. At the moment, he’s entertaining more than 80,000 faithful followers.

Asked about the reasons behind his social media success, Annie says, “I think it’s his facial expressions or the way he shows love. We get so many diverse responses on that regarding how his photos make people feel or think.”

Easy like a Sunday morning

There’s a gentle and relaxing vibe to Paddington’s photos, encouraged by the minimal design. To that end, how would our pooch spend an idyllic weekend?

“I’d say a beach trip, taking photos to get treats, movie and pizza on a Saturday,” decides Annie. Then for Sunday it’s a case of “sleepy cuddles all day.”

Wallace and Gromit and Paddington: Part one

One of Paddington’s photos compares him to the cheese-loving character of Wallace from the claymation franchise Wallace and Gromit. But what if Paddington could make an appearance in the duo’s next set of adventures?

“I think Paddington would have to be one of Gromit’s adopted cousins,” speculates Annie. “So fashion obsessed yet stylishly clueless, and embarrassing Gromit in many situations by wearing oversized blazers and knocking his tea over with his ill-fitted sleeves or scuffing around town in his dinosaur onesie drooling outside bakery window displays.”

Wallace and Gromit and Paddington: Part two

Adding a twist to the caper, Annie adds, “But this wouldn’t be the reason Gromit wants Paddington gone. Oh no, it’s his sidekick Butler the cat who lives in his suitcase that has him spooked.”

Then comes the kicker: “But as always, Wallace and the rest of the characters are oblivious to the torment he’s enduring.”

Yes, a cat

When not stealing the show on Instagram, Paddington lives with some feline friends, one of whom is Butler. Apparently, all is peace and happiness in their mixed-species world. As Annie says, “Paddington thinks he is a cat — he loves his bros.”

Scoot over to Paddington’s Instagram account to get your daily fix of this eye-catching Shar-Pei.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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