Pet Memorial Pics from Readers

Bracelets, shadow boxes, and tattoos are among the ways Dogster readers remember their dogs.


I can’t begin without thanking everyone for the kind words and precious photos that have come in response to what has become a series of columns about pet memorials. A few weeks ago St. Francis Animal Rescue sent us a simple flyer about its Celebration of Life program, which got my curiosity up about pet memorials. I shared a picture of Dudley, Sterling, and Curly Jean’s tags on my keychain, and I asked what people do to remember their deceased pets. The floodgates opened.

Some of you posted pictures in the comments, and those of you who described moving tributes to your pets I asked you to send pictures. Danielle, a board member with St. Francis, sent me the organization’s lovely PowerPoint presentation from the ceremony. And others? You more than answered my request, and I have way more photos to share than time or space will accommodate. I’ve posted several pictures this week and will share as many others as possible when time and space allows.

Kelly adopted Sadie, a sweet little rat terrier, from one of the Houston SPCA’s mobile pet adoption centers. Sadie inspired Kelly to become involved in animal rescue, and in turn Kelly honored Sadie’s life with this beautiful memorial brick outside the Houston SPCA. I love how the brick is speckled with colorful highlights, much as Sadie brought color and sparkle to Kelly throughout 10 loving years of companionship.

Gabby, a Miniature Schnauzer/American Eskimo Dog, is memorialized by Laura in several ways, but the bracelet pictured below is her favorite. She writes, “The thing that has actually brought me the most comfort is the bracelet. I know it’s really basic, not at all the fanciest thing one could have, but I wear it every day. I touch the bracelet and think of her. I’ve already worn the stain off, and it probably won’t last long, but it’s comforting right now.”

The memorial pictures sent include simple gestures such as Gabby’s bracelet to detailed craft projects such as the shadow boxes for Ditto, a Border Collie. According to Teena, the shadow boxes were especially appropriate. “You see,” writes Teena, “she was my shadow from 4 and a half weeks old until she crossed the rainbow bridge at 15 years old. :)”

From personal crafts we turn to some striking body art in the form of Lya’s tattoo of Turner. Notice how real Turner’s eyes are! It’s as if this vibrant American Pit Bull Terrier/Boxer is sitting right there looking at you. Turner’s eyes even sparkle!

I’ll close this week’s column with a distinct pet memorial in Colorado. That we know of, no Dogster dogs have tags attached here, but Amelia says she is considering the spot for the future.

Thanks to everyone who has either sent photos or will send them. Remember, the Memorial Picture Project does not have an expiration date. Send a photo of your pet’s memorial to with “WATCH DOG PET MEMORIAL COLUMN” in the subject heading. Be sure to use the e-mail address you use to login to Dogster or include your pet’s ID# — very important because Dogster members receive 100 zealies (our virtual currency used for gifts to pet pages).

Now it’s your turn. How do this week’s memorial pics strike you? Have they inspired you with ways to honor your own pets?

“Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.” –Blaise Pascal

I think Pascal is talking about pets, don’t you?

Til next week,

-john d.-

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