Are Planet Dog’s Newest Orbee-Tuff Toys Truly Indestructible?

For spring we review the Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff and the Orbee-Tuff Produce Carrot. Because we can.


If your dog was being honest — and really, isn’t their immutable honesty one of the best things about dogs? — what would she choose as her favorite activity? While I like to think that Ace loves nothing more than cuddling with me, she would probably vote for chewing, eating, or playing fetch. Luckily for me, this week’s product review catered to Ace’s preferences. Like Christmas in May, Planet Dog sent us samples of two new premium dog toys.

Not familiar with Planet Dog? This company produces drool-worthy dog toys that are durable, interesting, and unique. Some of their toys are made in the U.S.A., and they have special lines of eco-friendly toys and toys especially for puppies or older dogs. Their Orbee-Tuff material has a minty-fresh scent and comes in three levels of durability to accommodate a range of chewing styles. To top it all off, Planet Dog donates two percent of every purchase to the Planet Dog Foundation, which funds programs that promote service dogs in the United States.

New for spring, Planet Dog has expanded their Orbee-Tuff line with the Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff with Treat Spot. This bouncy, durable toy is great for fetch, and its buoyancy makes it fun in water, too. It is rated “5 out of 5 chompers,” so it’s the most durable of Planet Dog’s toys. It is hollow, so treats can be inserted into the bottom for an extra reward.

The Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff comes in three sizes: small ($8.95, 2.9-inches tall), medium ($13.95, 3.9-inches tall) and large ($15.95, 4.9-inches tall). You can choose from green, purple, or silver.

Ace is 15 pounds, so the size small was perfect for her. She enjoyed a rather crazy game of indoor fetch, as the Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff’s asymmetrical design means it bounces unpredictably. I can already tell that this toy will become a primary player in our rotation of toys for indoor fetch.

Ace and I own a few Classic Kong toys in size medium (about $12.99), and since this fairly ubiquitous toy is similar to Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff, I decided to compare them. I like the material of the Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff better than that of the Classic Kong. It seems more durable while being more flexible, and I like that it comes in several color choices. It also smells minty!

However, the Classic Kong has a much bigger opening for treats, and this is an important advantage. After a long day of playing and sleeping, Ace likes to lick peanut butter out of a frozen Kong. Unfortunately, the opening in the Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff toy is too small for her tongue. Instead, I inserted a piece of a treat into the hole, and while Ace enjoyed that just fine, it did not keep her occupied as long as a peanut butter-filled Kong.

In addition to the Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff toys, Planet Dog added a new member to its Orbee-Tuff Produce line of toys. Joining the Raspberry, Strawberry, Artichoke, and Eggplant is the Carrot ($14.95). Each toy in the Produce line is a different size, and the Carrot is one of the larger toys at 7.25-inches long and 3.25-inches in diameter. These toys are rated “4 out of 5 chompers” to accommodate “fairly aggressive chewers.”

While petite Ace could have snacked on one of the smaller Produce toys, she seemed to enjoy the Carrot just fine. The Treat Spot in this toy is huge; nearly the entire bottom of the toy is open, and the whole toy is hollow. You could fit half a jar of peanut butter in there!

To maintain Ace’s trim figure, I put a more reasonable spoonful of peanut butter in the Carrot, and Ace was in heaven. The size of the opening meant that she could really chew the toy while eating her delicious treat. As a bonus, the shape of the Carrot meant that it rolled around on the floor while she was eating, adding a little bit of a challenge to obtaining her snack.

I love the concept of this particular line of toys. Compared to the other toys in the Produce line, the Carrot is more functional than cute. (Personally, I’ve got my eye on the Artichoke.) I think it would be a great size and shape for a medium-sized dog who isn’t too terribly rough on her toys.

Dogster Scorecard for the Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff and Orbee-Tuff Carrot toys by Planet Dog:

  • Quality: Orbee-Tuff toys are made from durable, non-toxic, recyclable materials. The Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff toys are made to survive aggressive chewers.
  • Style: Great colors and unique shapes are trademarks of Planet Dog’s toys.
  • Function: While the Diamond-Plate Double-Tuff toy was bouncy, its Treat Spot was smaller than Ace would like. We found the Carrot’s wide Treat Spot to be better suited for snacking.
  • Creativity: I love the concept of the Produce toys!
  • Value: All Orbee-Tuff toys are made in the USA and designed for longevity, so their pricing seems fair.

Bottom line

If your dog is a chewer, a fetcher, or a treat lover, she will enjoy Planet Dog’s newest Orbee-Tuff toys.

Dogster readers, share your experiences with Planet Dog’s products in the comments section.

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