This Bonehead Manhandles a Dog Gamboling on a Soccer Field

Sure, you've got a game to play, but for cryin' out loud, why be such an idiot about it?


There’s a special place in heaven for dogs who like to gambol on lush, verdant fields — soccer fields, let’s say.

And there’s a special in hell for those who would disrupt that carefree roughhousing, treating the dogs as nuisances, delays of game worthy of the shrillest whistle. Referees can suck.

Then there are people like this bonehead in a soccer match in Bolivia, who is so outraged by the cute wiggling things who have taken over his precious pitch and stopped play that he tries to pick one up, presumably to throw it over the fence or something like this idiot did. But the dog wasn’t having it. He was not playing ball. The dog fights back, and pretty well by the looks of it, nipping the bonehead repeatedly until he’s forced to put the dog down.

We don’t like this guy. Why couldn’t he let the dog herders do their job? They’re out there, in their yellow shirts, herding all those adorable little dogs, earning a paycheck keeping the soccer fields of the world free of gamboling puppies. But this guy couldn’t let them do their job, because he hates dogs. He tries to do their job as well as his, probably so he can put “terrible dog herder” on his resume right under “terrible goalie.”

Fortunately, a dog herder breaks up this bit of madness, shouting at the player and making him stop, which infuriates the player. Guys like this get infuriated all the time, you know.

The dog herder is our hero of the week, standing up to egotistical soccer players who abuse dogs.

Those boneheads can go to hell.

Bonus video: Want to see how you correctly get a dog off the field? You rub his tummy, lulling him into dreamlike state, then get two players to gently lift the dog and carry him to the sidelines. Well done, ladies.

Via Deadspin

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