Are Poo Pins a Snarky Solution for Dog Owners Who Don’t Pick Up Poop?


Even the biggest dog lovers hate dog poop. There just isn’t getting around it: You may love your fluffy little pup, but his or her little brown sausages are stinky and not adorable at all.

Even less adorable are the poops left behind by other peoples’ dogs, when their owners can’t be bothered to clean them up. We see a lot of responses to stray dog poops, from communities that go all CSI by compiling DNA registries for the poop, to hipster artists who go around spray-painting it gold, to Spain’s weird but somewhat successful idea of mailing the poop back to the owners.


People can be very creative when it comes to registering their displeasure about dog poop. But even in a world where hipster artists get into turf wars over spray-painting turds, Poo Pins are kind of a unique approach.


Poo Pins were conceived of by a couple of guys from New Zealand who are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to make them a widespread reality. At heart, they seem to represent a variation on the “painting poop” idea with a little bit of snark thrown into the mix. When you’re out on the town or in the park, you carry a bunch of the bright orange (and biodegradable, they point out) pins in your pocket. When you see a pile that someone’s pooch has left behind, you tag it by sticking one of the pins into it. Each one has some kind of snarky saying on it, like:

  • Your dog? Pick up their log!
  • Not on my shoe! Pick up your poo!
  • S#!t happens! But please not here!


The two entrepeneurs are trying to raise 10,000 New Zealand dollars to turn the dream into a reality. If you think the cause is worthwhile, by all means go and help them out.

Frankly, I have my doubts. I’d rather scoop up poo with a long shovel than crouch down within inches and carefully place a snarky little marker into it. As a shaming technique, it doesn’t seem to do much. It’s unlikely that the person who left the poo behind is going to see it, and in any case, someone else is still going to have to pick up the poop.poo-pins-sht-happens

What do you think of the Poo Pins? You can see the two inventors make their case in the video below. (Warning: Lots of closeup shots of what looks like fresh, moist dog poop.)

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