Readers Respond: What’s the Weirdest Place You’ve Found Your Dog Sleeping?

Suitcase? Tree? Tub? Chicken coop? Ballcap? Try "all of the above."


“Let sleeping dogs lie,” the saying goes — and today we’d add, “just long enough to get their photos!” In our July contest for a Sherpa Pet Bed from Frontgate, we asked you to tell us — and show us — the strangest place you’d ever found your dog asleep. Replies included places opportunistic (open suitcase), high society (atop a grand piano), and contradictory (next to a kitten). Here are some of our favorites.

A reader called Queenshiba was among readers whose dogs had found “soft places.” Yuki loves to cuddle up in the lap of a big soft teddy bear that she spent a week trying to “kill”!

Jennifer Joy’s dog sleeps on the couch — which isn’t a weird place, but it’s his manner. “My dog Fat Charlie Marbles sleeps upside down and on his back … it’s so creepy it’s cute!” she says.

Among the most unexpected outdoor places comes from Darrell Arellano:

“My dog, Patches (Jack Russell Terrier), slept in a trunk of a tree in our yard. The tree has a big hole in it, and I came outside and saw Patches sleeping in the trunk! He had his bottom on the ground and his head facing the sky. … I could have taken a picture but as soon as I got out my phone, Patches was wide awake and already trotting towards me to get a scratch behind the ear. There was moss in and around the bottom of the hole and I guess he thought that was comfy to him :)”

Other animals as well as very small people were among other places cited. Writes madcapzany, “I found my dog curled up sleeping next to the chickens inside their coop! No scared chickens, or excited dog … just a silly dog comfortably sleeping along with her prey!”

Stephanie Pease writes, “I have found my amazing rescue Doberman with his head inside a foster kitten’s kennel asleep with his huge body just hanging out. Oh, and the kitten was asleep inside!”

Pamela Pike Cox can outdo that: “The craziest place that i have found Jazzie, my Pit Bull, sleeping was on the couch between my two sleeping toddlers. Jazzie had her head laying on my daughter’s arm while my son was sleeping with his head on Jazzie’s belly. They looked so peaceful.”

Traveling forced a lot of dogs to find creative beds.

“When my mom and I were out with my Yorkie, Simba, and he was too tired to walk or stand anymore and just wanted to snooze, he would see if my mom’s cap was around, then proceeded to make a bed out of it and fell asleep,” writes Dianasquared. “Too bad he’s outgrown this one, he seemed really comfy in it!”

Truqus’s dog found a place that probably smelled like home. “When we traveled to NY to visit my in-laws,” Truqus writes, “our 9-month-old blue-nose Pit Bull did not want to sleep in her crate. I found her in our suitcase when I got out of the shower.”

Sometimes it’s the owners who do the traveling and the dogs get creative at home.

Writes Victoria, “When Uno was 6 months old, he had a bit of a separation anxiety. One time I got home and found him sleeping on top of our baby grand piano. Not sure how he was able to climb on there, but he did.”

D’Allis Wright’s dog found a very easy place for a dog to sleep: “In his empty pool!”

An empty bathtub is another easily accessible place, but everyone might not expect to find a dog there.

“My dog sleeps in the tub,” writes Kelly D, “and when I had company over they had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. He was shocked by seeing strange eyes from the tub looking at him. He was not as amused as I was.”

AlliAndMinnie illustrates that habit can be a force in finding a bed: “I caught my dog sleeping in the craziest place this weekend — her crate! She got in all on her own, without us telling her to or throwing a treat in there! Somehow she has gone from hating it to loving it. I guess all those treats finally made a positive association!”

Sometimes it’s not so much the place that’s weird but how a dog looks there.

Dogluvr101’s Bullet just slept on the couch. But have a look at the image below!

Same for Wally, whose human is reader Ecadnacx: “Wally finds comfort sleeping on the couch with his head on anything he can find in close relation to the couch — coffee table, in the clothes basket on the floor, stuffed behind the throw pillows on the couch.”

Writes OliviaRubin, “My 64-pound Labrador Retriever, Olivia, sleeps on top of me. Yes on top of me, not beside, but on me! If I fall asleep on our couch, she just lays on top of my body. … Sometimes I think she sleeps like this because she is my Service Dog, and she wants to make sure I am safe. But I think it is also because she just wanted to sleep on something comfortable and I got to the couch.”

At least one dog likes to mix things up.

”Lilly always finds strange places to sleep,” writes yoshi1230.


Where’s Lilly?

Ug! It must be more comfortable than it looks.

That’s more like it!

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