Is San Francisco the Best City in America for Dogs?

The real estate blog Estately doesn't think so -- it named S.F. fifth. Fifth!? What's UP, Estately?


Estately recently released it’s “17 Best Cities for Dogs” list, with Portland, OR, coming out on top. If you don’t live in Portland, YOU LOSE! THANKS FOR PLAYING.

Granted, these sorts of lists, patched together by disparate statistics and hearsay, are typically best at not naming the best cities for dogs but rather riling up readers and commenters. They’re used to draw page-views. They’re used to generate controversy. They’re used to get otherwise well-intentioned dog owners to say weird things like, “You want to step outside, Estately?”

We thought we’d play along, obviously. Dogster is based in San Francisco, so we’re batting for the home team, and we have to wonder what Estately is smoking. San Franciso should be first — and second. Whatever particular city you live in should be ranked third. (And fourth? Sure!) Then Estately can have its Portland.

Okay, we’ll stop. We’ve had our fun. We really don’t mind the list all too much. Estately put S.F. at No. 5 because of our 27 dog parks, our dog-friendly restaurants and gyms, a dog newspaper, and this dog who hangs out in a cab. What it didn’t mention is the shocking lack of decent backyards, thank God.

Portland, however, has 33 dog parks. So, you know, whoopee for Portland!

To be honest, the list is a pretty good way to get a bead on some great dog things in the different cities. Did you know Austin has a food truck for dogs? That Tucson hosts an annual Pitbulooza in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day? That dogs are welcome at the local Ghost Town Wild West Museum in Colorado Springs? (Um, yay?)

We also learned that some Vegas casinos allows dogs, that Portland is considering a $150 fine for people who don’t scoop their dogs’ poop, that San Diego is the dog surfing capital, and that Kramer the Famous Rock Dog is famous for fishing for rocks in Austin’s rivers and lakes.

The list also made sure to mention that Seattle-based REI sells more than 150 dog-related outdoor adventure products online, so, you know, move to Seattle?

Here’s the full list, and we encourage you to click on the story to read about each city. You’re also welcome to be outraged in the comments. Your call.

  1. Portland
  2. San Diego
  3. Seattle
  4. Austin
  5. San Francisco (really? Are you serious? Fifth? Not first? What’s above first? Shouldn’t we be that?)
  6. Albuquerque
  7. Tuscon
  8. Boston
  9. Phoenix
  10. Minneapolis
  11. Colorado Springs
  12. Chicago
  13. Las Vegas
  14. Miami
  15. Washington
  16. Denver
  17. Cleveland

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