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If you're wondering about Shiba Inu rescues in the States, here's an article from KMBC, The Kansas City Channel you might find interesting. A Johnson...


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Saving Dogs From Puppy Mills

If you’re wondering about Shiba Inu rescues in the States, here’s an article from KMBC, The Kansas City Channel you might find interesting.

A Johnson County woman is doing everything she can to save Shiba Inus, a rare breed of dog that is being ruined by puppy mills, KMBC’s Lara Moritz reported Monday.

“I think the Shibas are just too cute,” Kathy Buccholtz said. “They’re a smaller dog, and they look so cute in the pet store that breeders are just breeding more and more and more of them.”

Buccholtz said the breeding craze has also caused an increase of puppies born with disabilities, such as a dog’s knees not being attached to the leg bones.

Buccholtz has rescued numerous dogs from puppy mills or breeders who abandoned them.

“Some dogs are just transferred to another breeder and they live their life in a cage and they continue to pop out litter after litter after litter,” Buccholtz said.

She said rescuing the popular Japanese breed has posed a lot of problems.

“They’re a pretty unique breed in the United States, so I thought rescuing Shibas was going to be very simple. I thought once in awhile, one or two would need help. Well, I’ve had 65 dogs through my house in a year and half,” Buccholtz said.

Rescuing and caring for the dogs can be expensive.

“If a dog needed his knees fixed, we would fix their knees. If a dog needed an ultrasound for a heart murmur, we spend the $300 for that,” Buccholtz said.

She said her love for the Shibas isn’t running out, but the money to take care of them is, which is why finding permanent homes for the dogs is critical.

“We just want the next home to be the forever home,” Buccholtz said.

To learn more about Shiba Inus or about the rescue efforts in the Kansas City area, visit

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