Facts on the Siberian Husky Dog Breed

Siberian Huskies may look like wolves of the wild, but they are actually easy-going, friendly pals. These are pack dogs — they enjoy the comfort and security of the home and family. A well-exercised Siberian Husky will be content hanging out on the couch for a cuddle or playing a mellow game on the carpet.

Siberian Husky.
Siberian Husky. Photography by Kayla Bertagnolli, as captured at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Proud parent of a Siberian Husky who’s looking to learn more or thinking about getting a Siberian Husky dog? Learn the facts about this breed here:

Quick Facts on the Siberian Husky Dog Breed:

Siberian Husky with two different-colored eyes.
How much do Siberian Huskies typically weigh? Photography ©Eudyptula | iStock / Getty Images Plus.
  • Weight: 35 – 60 pounds (15.88 – 27.22 kg)
  • Height: 20 – 23 inches (50.80 – 58.42 cm)

Siberian Huskies have compact, light and furry frames. They have medium-sized heads, sometimes having unique black & white or red & white patterns. Their medium-length muzzles end in black noses (or brown for red-coated dogs). They have triangular ears that open forward and almond-shaped eyes that create an involved and cunning expression. Their proud, erect necks and straight backs lead to bushy tails. Their well-furred coat is close enough to show off the muscular lines of the body. Siberian Huskies can come in almost any color. Overall, they are balanced, muscular and well-developed dogs.

Siberian Husky Traits:

Siberian Husky.
Siberian Huskies have a “wolf-like” look. Photography ©Flickr user Irene Mei via Creative Commons License. Some size modifications have been made to fit this site.
  • “Wolf-like” look
  • Mellow
  • Cuddly and warm
  • Friendly and tame
  • Intelligent

Who Gets Along with Siberian Huskies?

Siberian Huskies come in almost any color.
Active, sporty types would get along well with a Siberian Husky. Photography by Voltgroup / Shutterstock.
  • Singles
  • Families with older children
  • Active, sporty types
  • Cold-weather dwellers

What Are Siberian Huskies Like to Live With?

Siberian husky puppies with their mom.
Siberian Huskies are not as wild as they look! Photography by Voltgroup / Shutterstock.

Siberian Huskies may look like wolves of the wild, but they are actually easy-going, friendly pals. These are pack dogs — they enjoy the comfort and security of the home and family.

A well-exercised Siberian Husky will be content hanging out on the couch for a cuddle or playing a mellow game on the carpet. The Siberian Husky also has a mischievous side: They can become restless and destructive when left alone for too long. An easy way to combat this, aside from giving them attention, is to get them a Siberian Husky pal.

These dogs are devoted to their families, but they are also excellent hosts when guests come over, rarely barking or acting territorial; however, they do have an interesting wolf-like howl. Overall, what they say is true: Huskies are everybody’s friend. Because of this, they are not the best guard dogs.

What to Know About Siberian Huskies:

If you live in a warm climate, a Siberian Husky might not be your best match. Photography by Irina Bg / Shutterstock.

Don’t forget: Siberian Huskies descend from a race of tough, reliable working dogs. They get bored without enough exercise and activity. However, they should not be overworked in warm weather. If you live in a warm climate, consider another breed. If you have a warm season, exercise your Siberian Husky in the early hours and turn on the air conditioning inside.

Siberian Huskies can be a little willful, but they are definitely trainable. Use a firm but friendly hand and train them consistently. These are Arctic dogs — tough, determined and self-sufficient. They love to roam and wander, dig holes and capture small animals. Make sure they have a fenced-in yard and always walk them on a leash.

Shedding can be an issue with Siberian Huskies: During normal times, their coats need only occasional grooming. But during their shedding seasons (spring and fall) they need daily brushing with a metal comb to prevent hair from getting all over everything.

A healthy Siberian husky can live as long as 15 years. Common health issues include hip dysplasia and eye problems. Siberian Huskies used for racing can often develop gastric and bronchial problems.

Siberian Husky History:

For centuries, the indigenous Chukchi people of Siberia developed what we know today as the Siberian Husky. These hardy, even-tempered dogs were not simply used as pets or helpful working dogs: The Chukchi people relied on them for survival. They herded reindeer, pulled sleds and worked for long hours in the cold. Up until the 19th century, the Chukchi people were the only breeders of this particular sled dog. In the early 1900s, Americans in Alaska began to import these dogs for sledding competitions. But their fame spread even more rapidly when a team of Huskies helped transport lifesaving antitoxin to Nome, Alaska during a diphtheria epidemic.

Thumbnail: Photography by Kayla Bertagnolli, as captured at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

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12 thoughts on “Facts on the Siberian Husky Dog Breed”

  1. Everywhere that I look up about Siberian huskies they say that they do not bark. My female Siberian husky she goes outside and she barks with the sounds of my neighbours. From what I read about Siberian huskies mine seem to be a little Different. I don’t really know who’s the leader of the pack? My mail he’s a couch potato especially in summer. Male and female are very friendly towards people but my female had one pop and I kept it and she does not like other people and she does not like sharing me with the other two and with the cats. I would like to know more because my Siberian huskies seem to be so different from what I read.
    I hope that you can give me answers about the behaviour of the Siberian Husky?
    Thank you

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    1. I have had 3 huskies – the first one was 10 weeks Mandy and the male was given to me at 11 months Cody. Cody was a rescue dog. They both lived till 15 years and each went down in a day about 6 months apart. I loved them so much. I waited 6 months and ran a add for a forever home and got the most beautiful huskey registered from the North and trained her name was MOXXY she was 7 and in Oct. 29 I had to take her in. It was one of the worst days and I am still having days I miss her so much. I cannot live without a dog I will get another one/ They are the most delightful dogs and love to be with you. Moxxy deleved diabetis and we did the needs and I purchased the best Canadian dog food and cooked chick but she lost 20 lbs in a month and I believe she had cancer as well I did not let her suffer and it was all worth it because dogs do somethomg for you and make you happier that is why so many people own and look after them. Go it a Husky mix lots of dogs people purchase and find they cannot take care of the, Good Luck. You will live longer with a dog.

      1. i absolutely love huskies and i never had the chance to own one…if always had rescue dogs that nobody wanted like chow chows and akitas they are wonderful dogs also so now i have a chance to get a baby girl siberian husky i cant wait…do you have any advice for me seeings how i never had one my uncle brought back an alaskan malamute and a husky from alaska when he was stationed there so i grew up with the pups but never owned one he had issue with his eating the neighbors chickens and always paying fines lol i do have a cat that rules the house over my 2 other smaller dogs and im not sure if the husky will play rough with the cat…also what did you feed your husky pups i know the need a good diet ….thank you for your info

    2. They are pretty common at animal shelters so you don’t have to pay much to obtain one. Husky rescues have beautiful one looking for their forever home too. No need to pay a breeder for one. They do require a well fenced yard, regular walks, and lots of brushing but those last two are enjoyable time spent with your best buddy. They are otherwise no more demanding than any other medium sized dog. Buy the highest quality dog food you can, control their portions so they don’t gain weight and get regular check ups, all the things you would do for any breed of dog. Show them some love and they will return it ten times over. Just remember YOU are the pack leader. They will follow you.

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