The 6 Savory Snacks Safe Enough to Share with Dogs This Holiday

Every Thanksgiving, the temptation is there to give Spot a heaping helping of snacks and scraps from the holiday feast. After all, he's been sniffing...


Every Thanksgiving, the temptation is there to give Spot a heaping helping of snacks and scraps from the holiday feast. After all, he’s been sniffing that roasting turkey in olfactory sensurround all day! How is it humanly possible to deny him a portion?

Well, this year, make your favorite dog happy bygiving in to temptation— just be sure to do it safely, so neither of you regrets it the morning after, andSpot will feel properly included inthe holiday celebration.

We’ve all heard the horror stories about dogs getting pancreatitisfrom licking the holidayroast pan clean; this is not a myth, so please don’t let Spot do that.

Cooked bones are a no-no at any time of the year, and that goes double for turkey bones, which are extremely brittle after all those hours in the oven, and highly likely to splinter and cause intestinal damage. Also, avoid dairy products andanything sugary or salty,and steer clear ofturkey skin,turkey fat, and turkey gravy.

Now, with those bow-wow boundaries set, here are the six savory snacks safe enough to share with Spot this holiday season. Bon appetit!

1. Lean meat, white or dark, thoroughly cooked and stripped of skin and fat — just like any human on the Atkins diet would eat it —makes an excellent addition to your dog’s diet.

2. Make a vegetarian stuffing by omitting the liver, heart, and other organ meats (i.e. giblets) and dedicating them to the dog.

Tip: Bake the gibletsin a small pan, separate from the main turkey pan, so they don’t soak up lots ofextra fat from the rest of the roast. (And don’t give the veggie stuffing to Spot — your dog doesn’t need the extra carbs.)

3. Roasted sweet potatoes are a component of manyrespectable dog food formulas, so offering some to Spot is a natural. Just be sure to serve them au naturel,minus whateversweet glaze you add for yourself and your guests. And dogs happen to love roasted sweet potato skins, so don’t toss those away!

4. The milk and butter in mashed potatoesdon’t agree withmost dogs’ digestive systems,but plain spuds are fine. So reserve a small portion of plain steamed or boiled potatoes and stir them into Spot’s bowl — s/he’ll love the warm, starchy texture.

5. Pumpkin pie is too decadent for dogs — too many ingredients — but the main ingredient, pureed pumpkin,fresh or canned, is a delicious treat all by itself, and will help keep Spot’s stool firm in the face of all this holidayindulgence. Go ahead and adda sprinkle ofcinnamon to simulate pumpkin-pie flavor! (But please skip the whipped cream.)

6. Any and all green vegetables make avirtuous snack for Spot any time of the year. So don’t throw away those chewy broccoli stalks or kale stems — give ’em to the dog! And if salad’s on your menu,stir a few leaves of spinach or lettuceinto your dog’s savory snack portion; they’llhelp him digest his holiday handouts.

Have a great holiday, all!

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