The Beckerman Poms Are So Fashionable!


When it comes to fashion, I’ll readily admit that I swing to the conservative side. My wardrobe, as it were, is a carefully curated tribute to the brilliantly boring colors of black, navy, and gray. But that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy looking at pictures of a couple of Pomeranians dressed up in all manner of outlandish outfits, right?

Thankfully, that’s where the Beckerman pups come in. Owned by a couple of fashion blogger sisters in Toronto, Canada, these dogs named Marni and Cubby always end up stealing the spotlight on their Instagram account. Here’s a peek into their foppish domain.

Meet Marni

First up is Marni, a perky Pomeranian who enjoys spending her days dressing up in an ever-changing array of outfits. Here she’s channeled her love of the dramatic look by donning some ghoulish glasses and what appears to be the remnants of a roll of toilet paper.

And here’s Cubby

Cubby is the second Beckerman pup, and just like Marni, he loves to get dolled up. The studious look on his face here lets you know that when it comes to pumpkins, Cubby doesn’t play around.

Brand hounds

As befits a couple of fashionista blog pooches, Marni and Cubby adore chasing after their favorite fashion brands. Here we have Cubby captured in the throes of a celebration of Chanel. Note how he also channels his alter ego Karl Lagerwoof.


Thanks to their huge social media following, Marni and Cubby have inspired many pieces of foppish fan art. Cubby’s soiree to Paris has been turned into a fashion-style sketch by Ms. Jo Laing (whose own Instagram account also includes more canine-themed artwork).

Subversive commercialism

Here we have Marni dressed up in some of the Moschino brand’s couture commentary on the modern world of convenience food. Marni’s stern grimace lets you know that it’s an issue she takes very seriously. Also, it’s a fun picture of a Pom dressed up to look like fast food.

Zoom zoom

While researching this picture, I’ve just learned that Jeremy Scott is a fashion designer who came to acclaim through his work for Bjork in the late ’90s. His style is being channeled through the medium of cardboard in this photo. Edgy, if not very practical.

Keep it Jurassic

A new twist on an old-school classic, here our Pomeranian model sports a sparkling triceratops headdress. The message is clear: All that glitters is not necessarily friendly.

A witch’s pup

Historically, witches have favored sleek black cats when it comes to broomstick companions. Being a staunch advocate of breaking down stereotypes, here we have Marni showcasing her radical side by dressing up as a cute little witch.

Lions and tigers and Poms!

Also: Marni is a big fan of The Wizard of Oz.

Canine cuisine

When they’re not leading a jet-setting, fashion show-attending lifestyle, Marni and Cubby love nothing more than to chow down on a pungent chunk of cheese. Smart pups.

Check out more of Marni and Cubby’s outfits and adventures over at their Instagram page.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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