These 4 Dogs Are the Ultimate Overachievers, As Their Long Lists of Titles Prove

Whippet courtesy Mary Huff
Whippet courtesy Mary Huff

Varied associations, including the American Kennel Club and the North American Flyball Association, award titles to dogs for specific accomplishments. As new sports develop, so do corresponding titling systems. For example, the AKC just launched a Trick Dog Titling program. Ready, Set, Trick!

Wins at dog (conformation) shows lead to titles too. Consider the Westminster Best in Show winner this year: BISS BIS SELECT AM/CAN GCH Lockenhaus’ Rumor Has It v Kenlyn ofa h/e excellent. I’ll explain such titles another time, but you can enjoy Rumor’s perspectives here!

Today, I’ve simply asked four sporty dogs to offer succinct summaries of their titles:

1. Haley, a Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terrier courtesy Darlene Barnes

I’m Stardust Twice In A Lifetime Haley’s Comet BN MX MXB MXJ MJB JE RATCH, but you can call me Haley. I’m a Parson Russell Terrier, developed in England by an avid hunter, Rev. John Russell. I was bred for energy, athleticism and the determination to flush out fox. These days, fox or no fox, I thrive with activity. My RATCH title, for example, signifies that I’m a Barn Hunt champion. In Barn Hunt, I’m given my natural task of hunting for rats. For inexplicable reasons, you humans like hearing that the rats are safely protected; they are indeed. I also have, among other titles, a Standard Master Agility (MX) title, and a Junior Earth Dog Title (JE). In Earth Dog events, I go to ground, work quarry and team up with my human partner. Hey, how about we rename it “Burrows and Buddies!”

2. Uschi, a Whippet

Whippet courtesy Mary Huff, Tails in Design

I’m called Uschi, but my full name is Cogshall’s Going For Bearoque FCh PR3 RN. I’m a sighthound, bred to hunt small game on open fields. These days, lure coursing is one of my favorite sports. Don’t worry; we chase plastic bags, not live animals! I collected 100 points for placements in the prescribed manner, so now I can boast a Field Championship (FCh) title from the American Sighthound Field Association. I also have a racing title, the PR3 (Performance Racer, the Continental Whippet Alliance), which is based on my accumulated race points. But I do much more than run. The RN refers to my Rally Novice title. Rally is a fun, active sport for me (and for many of my sighthound cousins who aren’t keen on the repetition of traditional obedience!). Now off I go; it’s time for sprints, not speeches.

3. Vu, a Pyrenean Shepherd

Pyrenean Shepherd courtesy Denise Visco and Darlene Barnes

I’m simply called Vu by my friends, but my titled name is MACH2 IAC Bien-Aime Joie De Vivre CD MXS MJC XF RATN. Small and nimble, I was bred to herd sheep and assist in farm work. Did you notice the lovely French (joy/life) words in my name? I’m well-named, for I have French origins. Now as for my titles: The MACH2 means I’m a Master Agility Champion 2. The IAC (International Agility Champion) also reflects my agility passion, as does the XF (Excellent Fast!). The CD (companion dog) is an obedience title. The RATN (Rat Novice) title means I’m succeeding in my new sport, barn hunt. Now you may wonder why some titles precede my name, and some follow. Well near as I can tell, the American Kennel likes my championship titles to precede my name. The United Kennel Club seems to like all my titles in front of my name. As a whole, my titles simply reflect my fervor for running, jumping and finding a rat or two!

4. Juno, a German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog courtesy Cynthia Binder

My titled name (yes, its long!) lists my abundant accomplishments: HC PAM Juno vom Binderhaus: CGC, TC, CDX, RE, HT, HSBsd, HSAsdc, HIAsd, HXAsd, HXAsM, HSCs, HICs, HXCsM, BH,TR1, HCT, JHD, HTAD1sg, HTD1s, HTD2sg, HTAD2sg, HTAD3s, RLF1s, RLF2s,RLF3s, AXJ, AJP, TDI, OFA H&E. (CHIC) Top 10 ATAA Sire 2011, 2012, 2014, GSDCA 2012 Herding Victor.

I saw my first sheep when I was only 8 weeks old; herding became my passion! But herding is merely one of my breed’s exceptional abilities. Captain Max von Stephanitz developed German Shepherds for trainability, brainpower and many working capacities. And now for some details: The HC at the beginning of my name signifies I’m in the elite group of Herding Champions. The plethora of other “H’s” notes my success herding sheep, ducks, geese or cows on various courses devised. Although my passion is herding, my mom insisted on gathering obedience titles such as CDX (companion dog excellent), and rally titles such as RE (rally excellent). Along the way I passed the TC (temperament certification) and also became certified with Therapy Dogs International (TDI). Next we were off to agility competitions to add some “A’s” such as AXJ (excellent level jumper agility). Who knows what’s on my to-do list next? Bossing sheep so far is my favorite!

Top photo: German Shepherd Dog, Juno, courtesy Cynthia Binder

Homepage photo: Whippet courtesy Mary Huff

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