These Boneheads Tried to Castrate Their Dog With a Rubber Band


Most dog owners know that castrating a dog is not something you consult the Internet about, searching for home remedies. But if you’re a bonehead, all bets are off. Franklin Larkins Jr. and Kimberlin Rogers of Lewis County, New York, are grade-A boneheads. The 22-year-olds attempted to castrate their dog at home with a rubber band.

Fortunately, Lewis County sheriff’s deputies know what to do with boneheads like Franklin and Kimberlin. When they got to their house and found a 7-seven-month-old Beagle with a rubber band around his testicles, they put cuffs on the pair, arresting them for animal cruelty. Then they took the dog to Countryside Vet Clinic, where he was treated, according to

The cutest Beagle puppy we could find on Shutterstock.

You might be wondering: A rubber band? Well, it turns out that boneheads trying to avoid a vet bill have been taking the lead of farmers, who use elastic bands specifically designed for the neutering of livestock.

But dogs are not livestock. And boneheads — like our idiot 22-year-olds — are not farmers skilled in neutering animals. Obviously, the forced strangulation of testicles with a rubber band causes pain and suffering to dogs and is unbelievably rife with complications.

“This is not an acceptable practice in dogs,” Kaley Pugh, the manager of protection services for the Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said in 2012. “They really do suffer a lot when you do this to them.”

Back then, the SSPCA had to deal with a rash of boneheads in the Canadian province attempting home castration, and in five cases Pugh saw “horrific injuries to the dogs,” according to a CBC News article.

“It made me really sad, and it’s unfortunate that animals have to go through this,” she said.

A screengrab of one of the rescued Saskatchewan dogs.

And there are other cases out there that are just as awful. Also in 2012, a dog was taken to a veterinary clinic in Billings, Montana, with mysterious injuries and profuse bleeding. As vets began to operate, they discovered just how bad this “home remedy” can be for dogs.

“As we started to do more surgery, we realized that we probably… we found a rubber band… and that maybe they had actually tried to band the testicles on an adult male dog,” said Chris Anderson, executive director of the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, according to Huffington Post.

“And the dog, literally, chewed its testicles off.”

Thank goodness the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office got to the idiot 22-year-olds before they could do any more damage to their 7-month-old Beagle, who the police reported noted was also not licensed or rabies vaccinated.

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