This Bonehead Put a Diaper on a Puppy and Tied Her Snout Shut


Last week, some boneheads in Houston, Texas, distinguished themselves by putting a six-month-old dog in a diaper, tying a cord around her snout, and leaving the dog out on a balcony for all hours of the day and night. The reason for this idiocy?

Well, if they put the dog in a diaper, then the dog’s poop and pee wouldn’t rain down on the balcony below, which it had been doing, causing the downstairs neighbor to complain.

And if they put a cord around the dog’s snout, then nobody could hear the dog’s whining, which the dog had been doing because he was stuck on a balcony all day in a diaper.

This is how boneheads work, thinking up all sorts of crazy ideas instead of the most obvious (and humane) one: taking the dog for walks.

Photo courtesy Amber Cammack’s Facebook page.

But the boneheads who lived in the apartment are far from the only boneheads in this story. Fed up with witnessing the dog suffering on the balcony, another neighbor, Amber Cammack, called a number of agencies to report it, according to the Daily Mail. She got no response. So she took photos and videos of dog and posted them to her Facebook account.

That got attention, notably from the Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman. But he wasn’t worried about the dog. He just wanted to Cammack to pull the photos down, saying she was “she was harassing the dog’s owners,” according to the Daily Mail.

She refused. So Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman arrested her. 

Photo courtesy Amber Cammack’s Facebook page.

Shockingly, Cammack spent 14 hours in jail before somebody got a clue and released her, after the district attorney’s office dismissed the charge of “electronic harassment.” And as for the fate of the dog, who is named June, Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson claims that the SPCA and investigators from the district attorney’s office visited and found no evidence of animal cruelty — no open wounds or marks, and the dog was not dehydrated or malnourished, according to KPRC.

“I’m sad,” Cammack told KHOU. “I’m mad. It’s a little bit of everything. I’m disgusted with the county. I’m disgusted with the DA’s office.”

The DA, however, blamed Texas law for the his failure to help this abused dog in any way whatsoever. “As the owner of a beautiful dog named Ellie, I do not condone how this dog was treated,” Anderson said in the recorded message, according to KPRC. “But under Texas law, there is no probable cause to warrant criminal charges.”

In the end, the story came out that our original boneheads didn’t own June at all — they were just dog sitting, and doing an absolutely horrible job at it. A woman who lives at the apartment told news agencies that they put the diaper on the dog because she was having loose stools. She never specified what the cord was doing around June’s snout.

Fortunately, June is now back with her owner, far away from our many boneheads.

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