Top 10 Reason People Give Up Dogs

October is American Humane's Adopt-A-Dog Month, so I thought it was important to show people how wonderful the dogs in shelters are. Most aren't given...


October is American Humane’s Adopt-A-Dog Month, so I thought it was important to show people how wonderful the dogs in shelters are.

Most aren’t given up because they’re mean or uncontrollable, the sad truth is it’s usually due to financial issues and life changes.

The following list is compiled from the National Council on Pet Population Study & Policy.

1. Moving — Dogs can handle change, especially if their owners make the change fun. But so many people leave pets behind at shelters when they move. That’s much more traumatic for dogs than riding two days in a car with their friend to a new home.

2. Landlord issues — If you rent, then you must get approval from your landlord to have a pet. Some people lie about these things and then when the landlord finds out they have a pet, they end up getting rid of the pet rather than moving.

3. Cost of pet maintenance — Pets are not cheap to care for. The average cost of caring for a dog is estimated at about $400 a year. That includes food, toys, vaccinations, and an annual visit to the vet. It cost a lot more if your dog gets sick or injured, has special dietary needs, or takes medication.

4. No time for pet — That’s a big excuse that rarely holds water for most shelters. What that means is that the family has gotten bored with caring for a pet.

5. Inadequate facilities — What this means is that the person doesn’t have a fenced in yard or outdoor space to house the dog. Why not bring the pet inside then? The dog was probably an indoor pet at first, but something happened, either with the dog or the dog’s family, and the decision was made to put the dog outside.

6. Too many pets in the home already — This usually is the case when dogs are not spayed or neutered. Sadly, people often take the oldest dog to the shelter because the family wants to keep the most newly acquired pet. Isn’t that sad?

7. Pet illness — All too often, people are forced to give up pets when they can’t afford to pay for veterinary care for a pet’s illness. I sympathize with people on this one, since there is no place for pet owners to turn right now to get help with medical expenses for their pets.

8. Personal problems — Divorce, job loss, major injury, foreclosure on your home are many of the personal reasons people give for giving up pets. This is tough because certainly if you can’t pay your own bills, it may be tough to care for a pet properly.

9. Biting — When a dog bites, he’s usually out of the house. Although I think it matters why he might have bitten someone or if the bite was a real bite or a snap. Dogs that snap are often warning people they are stepping over the line and need some training. Dogs that bite can be a problem.

10. No homes for littermates — Many people refuse to spay or neuter their dogs and the result is a few litters a year. While the pet owner may be able to find a home for one or two of the puppies, more often than not, the remaining littermates end up at the animal shelter.

This list just emphasizes the fact that dogs in shelters are sweet and loving, deserving of a second chance. Any type of dog you’re looking for can be found at the local shelter. Big, small, adult, and puppies are available for adoption.

The beauty above is Dogster’s own Blizzard, he’s in the Greenville (OH) area and is available for adoption. Isn’t it time you rock your world and adopt a new best friend?

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