Watch Our 10 Favorite Dog Viral Videos of 2015!


When it comes to dog videos, going viral is the goal. Whether it’s watching our canine friends engaging in skewed shenanigans, dressing up and parodying the biggest pop culture franchises, or simply indulging in epic fails, everyone loves gawking at a good dog video.

Without further ado, then, here’s your roll call of the 10 biggest, best, and most uproarious dog vids of this fine year.

10. Santa’s Elves revealed

Let’s kick of the list with some festive cheer. Everyone knows the traditional theory about Santa being assisted by a happy cadre of elves who are content to make minimum wage while crafting a humungous amount of presents. But thanks to the folks at Freshpet, new revelatory footage suggests that it’s actually a dutiful army of dogs who are manning the production line, with Marnie as their head elf.

The fact that these canines have human hands adds to the freaky fun.

9. Beagle Puppy won’t let go

This Beagle pup is all geared up for a car trip, but he’s a stickler when it comes to keeping the window open. Feel free to literally laugh and cry as the electronic window goes up and up and up, while our host attempts an ultimately doomed effort to keep his paws on it.

8. Fritz finally catches!

Remember Fritz? He’s the goofy Golden Retriever who endeared himself to the world back in March when a video of him attempting — and spectacularly failing — to catch various foods hit the Internet.

Well, a good four months later Fritz actually managed to snag some food in flight. Salute his triumph here.

7. Bulldog battles his life vest

Not all dogs enjoy the sport of dressing up — and this particularly perturbed Bulldog went viral thanks to footage of his epic struggle against a life jacket.

Check out how our hero hops, flops, and rolls around in a bid to relieve himself of his shackles. Consider the footage a metaphor that works on pretty much any level you want it to.

6. Jurassic weenie

The first of this year’s Weiner dog entries takes a simple premise and pulls it off with dramatic aplomb. Imagine the dinosaur-filled world of the Jurassic Park movies recast with ferocious Dachshunds wobbling all over the place. Shudder at the horror!

5. World record balloon poppers

Over in Great Britain, a pooch by the name of Cally the Wonderdog spent her year attempting to break the world record for that most noble of disciplines, popping balloons.

Her gallant attempt onstage on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show set the Internet on fire. Check out the footage to see a dog bringing new meaning to the old adage, “once you pop you can’t stop.”

4. The derping Corgi

This derping Corgi ruled summer with his inspired approach to exercising. With his favorite tennis ball at least a good two centimeters from his nose, he lays on his side and attempts what looks like a land-swim to reach his target. Inspirational really is not the word.

3. Wiener dog Minions

Topping a banner year for the self-proclaimed celebrity Dachshund, Crusoe scored a viral hit after he and a pal dressed up and bopped around as some of the Minion characters from the Despicable Me movies. Never underestimate the power of a wiener dog.

2. Slip-sliding Labrador

Life is full of ups and downs. For Milo the Labrador, this is particularly true, being that he enjoys nothing more than climbing to the top of inflatable water slides and then zipping down to the pool at the bottom. Lather, rinse, repeat, all to the bewildered looks of the kids whose party he’s crashed.

1. Percy the Pekingese Sheepdog

Australian Kelpies make for fine sheepdogs. They’re athletic and obedient and consummate professionals when it comes to learning their trade. Fluffball Pekingese pups, on the other hand, are not usually at the front of the line for sheepherding duties.

Enter Percy, a 16-week-old pup who decides to show two Kelpie apprentices exactly what being a sheepdog is all about.

What follows is two minutes of absurd video footage, as Percy scuttles around after a completely bemused sheep while the Kelpie pups hold their ground and look over at their owners with a look that is best described as extreme WTF. Enjoy!

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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