We Love Spanish Rescue Hounds Noodles, Scout, and Ioli


Elke Vogelsang is a photographer who specializes in animal portraits — but it’s pics of her own three Spanish rescue dogs that have become a hit online. With the pooches being unabashed “limelight hoggers,” let’s see what all the kerfuffle is about.

Three muskehounds

Noodles, Scout, and Ioli. (Photo via Wieselblitz Facebook)

From left to right, here we have a group shot of Noodles, Scout, and Ioli. Now that roll call’s done, let’s get to know them individually.

Here’s Noodles

Noodles is the funny one. (Photo via Wieselblitz Facebook)

Noodles is a 10-year-old female Galgo Español mix who was originally rescued from a kill shelter Elke came across out in Cadiz, Spain. It’s said that she’s the joker of the pack, with Elke describing her as “unintentionally comic, eager, and ambitious, with the friendliness of a sighthound and the work ethic of a German Shepherd.” That’s a good mix.

This is Scout

Princess Scout. (Photo via Wieselblitz Facebook)

Next up, let’s talk about Scout. She’s a little younger than Noodles, being 8 years old, but she’s also a Galgo Español mix. Scout’s origin story involves her being found along with her seven brothers and sisters next to their mother in a field in Spain. (The pups’ mother, sadly, didn’t make it.) When it comes to Scout’s personality, Elke says she’s “the princess, sensitive [and] terrifyingly intelligent.”

Let’s meet Ioli

Wink! (Photo via Wieselblitz Facebook)

Finally, we have Ioli. This spritely chap is only 5 years old, and his exact breeding heritage is unknown. Despite only possessing one eye, Elke characterizes him as being “the charmer” of the bunch. Ioli is “always happy, noise sensitive, [and] sweet as sugar.”

Scout’s scene

Scout is outdoorsy. (Photo via Wieselblitz Facebook)

When it comes to recreation time, Scout adores being outside and taking in the garden scene. Elke says she’ll happily spend hours just lounging around on the grass — although she does occasionally get roused to run to the fence and bark at the next door neighbors’ cats. “It’s her personal kind of Pokemon Go,” Elke says.

Ioli’s name

His majesty. (Photo via Wieselblitz Facebook)

Curious as to Ioli’s distinctive moniker? Well, it turns out this pooch is officially known as His Canine Highness Prince Ioli of Wieselblitz. Good luck repeating that like a tongue-twister.

Noodles vs. bubbleheads

Noodles loves the camera. (Photo via Wieselblitz Facebook)

In cahoots with Elke, Noodles has become a leading pioneer in the dog bubblehead selfie movement.

The soul of Scout

Fine art of Scout. (Photo via Wieselblitz Facebook)

This melancholic and artsy shot of Scout is all about showing how, “Two souls, alas, are housed within my breast.”

Ioli and Kevin

Friends forever. (Photo via Wieselblitz Facebook)

In more frivolous news, Ioli was recently given a new toy to play with. Fittingly, his favorite play pal is Kevin, the one-eyed Minion.

Scout gets smart

Will only pose for food. (Photo via Wieselblitz Facebook)

Remember when Elke said that Scout was “terrifyingly intelligent”? Well, this is the sort of thing she’s referring to. While posing for this shot, she asked Scout to bow her head for the photo. “Usually, she does this without hesitation and with enthusiasm,” recalls Elke. “Not this time — because I didn’t bring any treats to the session. No treats, no acting!”

Apparently, Scout then gazed over toward the kitchen door — which Elke translated as meaning, “Go to the kitchen, get some treats, and then we are talking.”

Check out more of Elke’s photography at her Facebook, Instagram and website. You can also pick up her book, Nice Nosing You: For the Love of Life, Dogs, and Photography.

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