We’ve Got More Winners: Eco-Friendly Giveaway

Last week we posted an eco-friendly giveaway in which we asked you, as your entry ticket, to tell us what you do to be good...


Last week we posted an eco-friendly giveaway in which we asked you, as your entry ticket, to tell us what you do to be good to the environment. And wow, are we impressed by some of the things Dogsters do to be eco-friendly!

There were lots of entries about recycling, reusing grocery bags, compost bins, and using compostable poop bags. And some of you have solar panels, fuel-efficient cars, or energy-efficient homes, and you buy from eco-friendly companies.

There were a good many unusual entries as well.

Here’s an interesting form of recycling, from Dwan Proctor:

The best thing we do though is use old items that are no longer used and recycle them into something fun. Using old birthday/Christmas/etc cards to build a house of cards is just one example. Making bird feeders out of any large plastic bottles. Making windchimes out of metal cans

Laura Legendre does amazing things with plastic:

I make jewelery out of plastic….And I am saving all my plastic bottles to make a greenhouse in the spring.

Have you ever thought of recycled food? The Hounds of Bassetville have!

The hounds are raw fed, so we post ads on craigslist for freezer-burned meat. This keeps the pups fed while keeping waste out of the landfills.

April Sather uses some traditional items in nontraditional ways:

…the empty can from wet food as a dry food scoop, toilet and paper towel rolls for toys, and used my old down pillows and made a big fluffy dog bed.

Kimberly has a daring way of scooping the poop, and a great and related way of getting rid of gophers:

I use paper lunch bags that are made from recycled cardboard. I have a small trowel that I use to pick it up with if i cant get it with the bag. Maybe that would work for you.

I used to have a problem with gophers but one day I got mad and crammed a whole bunch of my dogs poo down the hole and recovered it. Havent seen one since. lol No chemicals for us!

Bobbi has come up with a clever alternative to buying tug toys for her two rambunctious young canines:

Our Australian Shepherd & Brindle Boxer are both 2 yrs. old & love to play. They go through toys fast, so we make tug-of-war ropes out of the twine that the horse hay is bound with. These have become their favorite toys, each dog taking one end!! Now we have less broken toys AND less twine to throw out!

Nancy Krohn even recycles part of her dogs! And the dogs themselves, in a way!

I raise Shetland sheep and also run a canine rescue. I use the wool from my sheep to knit sweaters for the wimpy dogs and make beds for my cats. The used straw from the barn goes into my garden, the eggs from the chickens go into my homemade dog food (as do the extra roosters!), I even reuse some of the DOG HAIR as I am a spinner and dog hair blended with wool spins up into a beautiful, soft yarn with a slight halo ~ similar to angora! Heck! Ive even been know to dump cat litter boxes (after scooping out the solids) in the ruts that form in my driveway. It packs down nice a solid and is also good for making the hill not so slippery in the winter months!

In a way, operating a dog rescue is sort of like recycling dogs! I take the abandoned, discarded, unwanted and often abused dogs and nurse them back to physical and mental health and when they are ready, find them the perfect forever home

There are so many more really terrific ones that I could almost cut and paste all the comments right here, but I’ll let you go to the original post to find ’em.

Dogster reader Robyn mentioned that she doesn’t like the random selection we’re doing for this giveaway, and thinks the best ideas should win. I know what she means. But I’ve always had such a hard time judging these Dogster contests, and this one would have been just as difficult. Maybe we’ll go back to having the occasional contest in the future, but only when I can find judges willing to help!

With the help of Random.org, we came up with the winner of the eco-friendly gift pack containing the beautiful Better Buddies bed and three cans of environmentally safe cleaning spray. And the winner is: Colby, who happens to have three large dogs and tries to use one biodegradable poop bag per walk. Wow, Colby, you are brave and intrepid. Congratulations!

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