Why is my Cat’s Tooth Crooked?

We have a stray cat that has "adopted" us for the past few weeks. He is a beautiful cat and is very, very tame. We...


We have a stray cat that has “adopted”
us for the past few weeks. He is a beautiful cat
and is very, very tame. We noticed that one of
his corner teeth on the top left (as you are
looking at him) is very long. It looks as though
it is almost 1/2 inch long and kind of pointing
sideways. What would have caused this? He doesn’t
seem to have any problems eating and it doesn’t
seem to bother him, but I wonder if it will get

Concerned Kitty Mom

I can think of three conditions that could make your new cat’s tooth look abnormal. Two of them are painful and require veterinary intervention.

Dental disease is the most likely culprit. Dental infections can compromise the ligaments and bone that support the tooth. Like a building with a weak foundation, the affected tooth may tilt at an unusual angle. If dental disease has caused the irregularity, your cat is in pain. Other teeth may be affected as well. Cats with dental disease often hide their pain, and they generally eat normally.

Congenital or hereditary anomalies also can cause crooked teeth. There are exceptions, but animals born with irregular teeth usually lead normal lives.

Finally, trauma to the face can dislodge a tooth and make it crooked. This sort of injury may cause chronic pain.

I recommend that you have a vet look at your cat. He or she should be able to determine what has caused the irregularity. At the same time, you can discuss vaccinations, deworming and FIV and leukemia. The vet will probably want to check for a microchip as well–someone may be looking for your very tame new friend.

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