Why is my Dog’s Abdomen Tight and Distended?

photo 2008 Paul Everett | more info (via: Wylio)I was given a small yorkshire terrier not so long ago. She was suppose to be very...


Harley our Yorkie Pomphoto 2008 Paul Everett | more info (via: Wylio)
I was given a small yorkshire terrier not so long ago. She was suppose to be very over weight. That is what the previous owner stated. She has discharge coming from her female area (clear liquid) and she is not active at all, she mostly sleeps all the time. The past owner said she is about 2 years old. I am waiting in my check to get her to the vet, but I wanted to see if she needs to go sooner I will definitely get her there.

Her stomach looks like she is pregnant, but it is so big and tight. It feels like a rock inside her stomach. She drinks more water than my other dogs also, but she eating but not that much at all. What would you recommend or tell me with what I have told you she looks like and does? I would deeply appriecate it. Thank you.

Billie Sue
Forest Park, Georgia

I’m sorry to say it, but I think your dog should see a vet sooner rather than later. You have mentioned several things that always catch my ear.

First, I worry when an overweight animal — or any animal — won’t eat properly. True, the stress of moving to a new home can suppress appetite. But most good eaters (as your dog supposedly is) will power through that sort of stress with appetite intact.

You mention that your dog’s thirst seems increased. This can be a sign of many different problems, ranging from an infected uterus (more on that in a moment) to kidney problems, diabetes, and other big-time issues.

A distended abdomen can mean many things, and some of them are serious. Fortunately Yorkshire Terriers aren’t frequent sufferers of bloat. But they can suffer uterus infections that can cause the abdomen to swell. They also can suffer from heart and glandular problems that can cause the abdomen to distend with fluid or fat.

Finally, let’s talk about that vaginal discharge. A little bit of discharge is normal, but when you combine the discharge with all of your dog’s other symptoms I get worried about pyometra, also known as a uterus infection. Pyometra occurs when the uterus becomes infected and fills with pus. It is deadly if it’s not treated fast.

Of course, I can’t diagnose your dog’s problem by way of the internet. But I’m worried enough to recommend a vet visit post-haste. The vet should be able to figure out what’s going on.

3 thoughts on “Why is my Dog’s Abdomen Tight and Distended?”

  1. My yorkie its 5 years old , she have a bowel inflammation problems, and now she don’t want , to eat her stomach is bloated, and I’m not see her sleeping?im very worry about, my vet been given her prednisone for almost about a year. what should I do ?

  2. I have a half great daine half pit named Zoey. She just turned 13 today on new years and I’m very concerned for her. She has always been dominant but here lately she’s been even worse than normal. Also when I go to feed her she doesnt want to eat nor has she been drinking a lot. She does kill and eat a few chickens here and there, the chipmunks and fish in the pond. But her belly is just rock hard. She is over weight and has been getting a lot of fatty tumors lately. Her tummy has been like this for a week now, along with the no eating/ drinking and being very mean lately. Do I need to take her to the vet or did she just eat something bad ??

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