Do You Need to Leave Notes for Your Spouse or Housemates? Use ChalkboardDogs

Enter to win one of these plastic chalkboards in the breed of your choice. Also, get a discount on all Steadfast Friends products.


Dogster readers, Steadfast Friends is excited to introduce you to ChalkboardDogs! Scroll to the end of this review to find out how you can take home a chalkboard in the shape of your favorite breed at a discount -– or for free!

In my home, messages pass between roommates scrawled on the backs of receipts or junk mail. Sometimes we’ll pull out all the stops and use a sticky note, though usually we exchange typo-ridden texts. There must be a classier way to leave a note!

Enter ChalkboardDogs! by Steadfast Friends, a line of lightweight, repositionable chalkboards cut into the regal silhouette of a Boston Terrier or one of 104 other doggy designs. Each ChalkboardDogs! chalkboard is about 22inches long and 15 to 30 inches tall, depending upon the dog you choose. You can use chalk or Chalk Ink to write a message or doodle, and the textured plastic surface wipes clean with a damp cloth.

I was surprised to receive my chalkboard in a mailing tube -– ChalkboardDogs are as thin and flexible as a vinyl decal and come rolled up on a paper backing. I had some difficulty peeling the chalkboard from the backing because I didn’t want to wrinkle it. I recommend getting a friend to assist you, especially for the bigger chalkboards or those that have lots of delicate parts like legs or ears.

The Boston Terrier chalkboard happens to be about the size of the actual dog. I was delighted by the detail of the shape. The black-gray chalkboard popped against the cream-colored door to which I attached it first. You could actually just leave the chalkboard up as a wall decoration all by itself!

I let my inner child come out a bit and drew all over my lovely Boston chalkboard with the fluorescent set of Chalk Ink pens. I love these pens, from the rich color to the tactile experience of writing with them. They’re big and chunky, so I imagine even small children could enjoy them. I was less impressed by their ability to erase cleanly from the chalkboard.

I let my drawings sit overnight and then used a damp towel to wipe. After working on it quite a bit, I could still see a shadow of my former drawings. This is not unlike other kinds of wipe-off boards, in my experience, which always seem difficult to completely clean.

Moving the chalkboard from one flat location took a little patience because of all the detailed parts. Once repositioned, I was pleased with how the adhesive retained its stickiness without leaving a residue on my door.

The creative shapes of ChalkboardDogs! have a modern yet whimsical feel, which makes me think they would be a fun addition to homes with children or young teens. I can imagine placing ChalkboardDogs! on the family refrigerator, in the mudroom, or on each bedroom door. They also would make unique gifts for that crazy dog lover who wishes she could emblazon everything she owns with the image of her favorite breed. And if she already has a chalkboard, Steadfast Friends offers iPhone cases and temporary tattoos featuring the same silhouettes.

But what did Ace think about ChalkboardDogs! and my Chalk Ink doodles?

Though we communicate in snorts, grumbles, and weird whiny brays, her approval of her ChalkboardDogs! visage was crystal clear. However, she was less excited about my artistic ability.

Dogster Scorecard for ChalkboardDogs! and Chalk Ink

  • Quality: Chalk Ink is boldly colored and fun to use on the textured surface of ChalkboardDogs!
  • Style: I love the Boston Terrier design and suspect the other 104 dogs are equally stunning.
  • Function: ChalkboardDogs! can be repositioned, but it’s easier if two people move your dog to avoid creasing or tearing it.
  • Creativity: These chalkboards have a modern yet whimsical feel that is totally unique.
  • Value: At $29.95 per dog, ChalkboardDogs! are priced similarly to vinyl wall art.

Bottom line

ChalkboardDogs! are a stylish yet practical way to worship your dog while maintaining communication with the human members of your household.

And now, Dogster readers, I’m excited to share a generous offer from Steadfast Friends –- use coupon code steadfast20% for 20-percent off any purchase on its website, which includes ChalkboardDogs! and Chalk Ink as well as iPhone cases and temporary tattoos.

Now, Enter to Win a ChalkboardDogs! chalkboard

Two lucky Dogster readers can win the ChalkboardDogs! chalkboard of their choice, plus a pack of Chalk Ink! This offer is limited to readers in the United States. To win, leave a message in the comments section describing which ChalkboardDogs! chalkboard you would choose and where you would use it. Ace will select the two most creative answers by Tuesday, June 25, at noon PST. Make sure your Disqus account includes an email address so we can contact you if you’re chosen!

A big thank you to Steadfast Friends for sharing its unique products with us. Like the company on its Facebook page!

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