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After you read our review, find out how you can win this souped-up version of a classic dog toy.


I’ve written before about Ace’s love of playing fetch. On rainy days or after dark, she enjoys interactive games of tug, wrestling with me for one of her sturdy stuffies. But Ace’s most favorite game of all time is chasing a laser pointer. I save the laser for after her weekly bath, which is her least favorite activity. I reward her for putting up with my strange ideas about cleanliness by air drying her with some high-intensity laser chasing. It must be her terrier instincts that, like a cat, compel her to hunt that laser in all corners of our apartment.

I had never tried using a flirt pole with Ace before, though I had read about them on Dogster and other sites as a great toy for exercising dogs and a useful tool for practicing commands like “stay” and “drop it.” A flirt pole is a pole to which a long string is attached, with a lure (some kind of enticing toy) at the end of the string. The human drags the lure around using the pole, and the dog chases the lure.

Our friends at Squishy Face Studio have impressed us before with the quality of their Bow-Wow Super Tug Toy and Hands Free Dog Leash Belt, so when a sample of their Flirt Pole V2 ($28.99) arrived on my doorstep, I knew I was about to test the ultimate flirt pole. The “V2” indicates this is Squishy Face Studio’s newest version of the Flirt Pole, which they improved using customer feedback about improving the attachment of the lure to the bungee cord and the ease of changing lures ($7.99 per replacement lure).

My first impression of the Flirt Pole V2 was that it is well made. The pole is three feet long but very lightweight plastic (less than one pound, per the website). The handle has a soft grip and a wrist strap, so it is easy to hold on even when swinging it around. The bungee cord is a little over four-feet long and quite sturdy.

The lure is made of fleece strips that are woven together in a thick braid. It is machine washable. One of the tails of our lure included a squeaker –- enticing! As the website cautions, the lure is not tough enough to be used as a chew toy. They suggest limiting how long your dog chews on the lure after catching it, and keeping it away from your dog when you are not actively playing with the Flirt Pole V2. You have the option to purchase a lure without a squeaker, which might be a good idea if your dog would be unable to stop herself from destroying a squeaking toy.

I examined the lure and how it attaches to the Flirt Pole V2, since this is the aspect of the toy that was improved with customer input. I don’t have any experience with the previous version of the Flirt Pole, but the V2’s lure attachment seems both simple and secure. This video demonstrates how easy it is to change out the lure, and how, once it is attached, your dog can pull away at the lure and it will stay put.

Ace and I hopped on public transit with our Flirt Pole V2 so we could play at her favorite park. This toy would also be appropriate for folks with a small backyard, since unlike a game of fetch, playing with a flirt pole requires less space. However, those carrying it on foot or bus might consider the Flirt Pole V2 Jr. ($27.99), which is two feet long instead of three feet. It would be fantastic if the Flirt Pole were somehow telescopic, folding into itself so that the pole became smaller for transport or storage.

Ace and I had an incredibly fun time playing with our Flirt Pole V2. Sure, I expected her to enjoy it, but I was truly blown away by her excitement. While the website suggests allowing your dog to capture the lure from time to time, that was NOT an issue for Ace — I had a hard time keeping up with her! We both enjoyed having a novel kind of toy that we could play with outdoors with the same intensity and focus as fetch or Frisbee.

Our first session with the Flirt Pole V2 ended with Ace lying down in the grass and rolling over on her back. Coming from such an athletic dog, this is a high compliment.

Dogster Scorecard for the Flirt Pole V2 by Squishy Face Studio

  • Quality: Like other Squishy Face Studio products, the Flirt Pole V2 was made in the U.S.A. and built to last.
  • Style: The Flirt Pole V2 has a simple, clean look, and you can choose from two lure colors.
  • Function: The Flirt Pole V2 is sturdy and lightweight enough for me to play with Ace easily. I found the lure easy to change.
  • Creativity: I appreciate that Squishy Face Studio used customer feedback to create a better toy.
  • Value: Sure, you could build your own flirt pole using some junk from your garage, but for a little cash you can have a lightweight, sturdy Flirt Pole V2.

Bottom line

The Flirt Pole V2 is a high-quality version of a classic toy. Simple and lightweight, it’s a fun, interactive way to exercise your dog.

Enter to win a Flirt Pole V2 of your choice

If this article piqued your interest in the Flirt Pole V2, why don’t you enter to win one today? Squishy Face Studio has generously offered five lucky winners the Flirt Pole V2 of their choice. Winners can choose either the standard 36-inch Flirt Pole V2 or the 24-inch Flirt Pole V2 Jr., and can select from one of four lure choices.

To enter, simply leave a comment below, and Ace will choose her five favorite entries.

The contest is open to readers residing in the United States. Enter before noon PST on Friday, January 17, and make sure your Disqus account includes your preferred email address so Ace can contact you if you win!

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About Ace’s Mama: This East Coast transplant enjoys the bounty of San Francisco, including its microclimates, farmers’ markets, and secret stairway walks. When she’s not walking with, talking about, or kissing the face of her Boston Terrier, Ace, she blogs about Ace’s adventures. Product reviews writer and guinea pig at Dogster.

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