This Woman Has Been Breastfeeding Her Dog for Two Years

Why is she doing such an odd thing? Not for good reasons, that's for sure.


Oh, this isn’t good. Nor is it pleasant, uplifting, or even understandable. You see, there’s this woman who breastfeeds her dog and —

Wait, what?

Yes, a woman breastfeeds her dog. The dog is 9 years old, if that makes a difference (it does not). It is also her daughter’s dog, which is also unimportant, though vaguely nauseating. The dog is a Pug — and that part is important. The Pug is important, because a Pug is a dog, and a dog should not be suckling at the breast of a woman like a behind-the-curtains circus act. It is a dog, Terri Graham, 44 years old and mother of two (humans), according to the U.K. edition Closer magazine, via the Huffington Post.

“Having Spider suckle on my boob means I finally feel complete and a better mother,” Graham told the magazine.

Orly? my gut replied.

Graham told the magazine that she turned to the dog after she was unable to breastfeed her two kids.

“I’m finally getting the breastfeeding experience I missed out on with the children,” she said, creeping out everyone who is reading this.

Bear in mind that the children, Leesa and Lucas, are ages 2 and 9, respectively. Graham began breastfeeding her dog in 2010. She’s been doing it for two years. And she does it four times a day. That dog is drinking a hell of a lot of milk, by any species’ count.

Closer magazine, ever thoughtful, sought a psychologist to comment on this woman who breastfeeds her dog. He suggested she seek therapy. We do, too. And we suggest someone stop by and check out Spider, the dog, to see how he is responding to all this.

Is it abuse? Likely not. Spider might actually consider this daily stream of milk a tasty jackpot. However, many dogs are lactose intolerant and don’t digest milk well, giving them diarrhea and other problems. We presume that a woman who shares that level of … intimacy (gag) with a dog would not knowingly hurt it, but, then again, this is a woman who is breastfeeding her dog. All bets are off. We hope Spider is handling the milk okay, for his sake.

If you’d care to see this woman who breastfeeds her dog, click here. Then sigh, shake your head, and go give your own dog a pat on the head.

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