Wagalicious Photo Contest Winners 2018

Meet Dogster’s Wagalicious Photo Contest Winners

We were blown away by the amazing photos in our first-ever Dogster photo contest. More than 2,000 people entered, and we loved each and every pup pic.

With the help of Dogster readers, three jumped out. Let’s meet the winners, below.



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Get Your Tongue Out — Lida Rose

Get Your Tongue Out winner — Lida Rose.
Get Your Tongue Out winner — Lida Rose.

Animal lover Kathleen Knox has spent most of her life working in a library and traveling — Antarctica, the Galapagos, Kenya, Tanzania and more. Cats, dogs and even a Pug named Rosie lived with her over the years before Lida Rose came into her life.

“She picked me out,” she says. “I really wanted a black Pug, but Lida decided I was the human for her. She was right. We are perfect for each other.” Kathleen adopted the sweet Pug from the rescue PugHearts in Houston, and named her Lida Rose from the song in The Music Man.

Lida Rose’s vet believes she may be around 9 or 10 years old. She’s often seen out and about in her stroller, which allows her to take longer walks without getting too tired out. Lida Rose also has a human sister, Tamara, who she visits several times a year. “My daughter is used to coming second behind Lida,” Kathleen jokes.

Lida Rose isn’t Kathleen’s only fur friend. “I also take care of several formerly feral cats,” she says. “I have trapped, neutered and released many cats over the years.” She supports many rescue groups and groups that promote animal welfare, including Farm Sanctuary and Humane Society International. “My favorite rescue organization is PugHearts,” she says, “because they allowed me to adopt Lida Rose.”

Winner: Kathleen Knox and Lida Rose of Texas.
Winner: Kathleen Knox and Lida Rose of Texas.

Follow Lida Rose on her Instagram account @lida_rose_and_her_mom. “Most of our pictures are taken in flower beds or flowerpots. It’s what she is known for on her Instagram account.”

Friends Fur Ever — Stinson, Capone, Bear and Neila.

Friends Fur Ever winners — Stinson, Capone, Bear and Neila.
Friends Fur Ever winners — Stinson, Capone, Bear and Neila.

You know Amber is a dog lover by her choice of profession — dog groomer. “My life is an endless loop of petting dogs, taking pictures of dogs and raising a crazy dog lady in training,” she says.

Nine-year-old Pomeranian Bear and 6-year-old Shiba Inu Capone are rescues, while 3-year-old Hungarian Puli Stinson came from a responsible dog breeder. Each dog has a title. Stinson is the Official Baby Protector, Capone is the Official Baby Face Licker, and Bear is the Official Baby Food Clean-Up Crew. Meanwhile 1-year-old human Neila loves to feed her “brothers” all of her food and then tries to steal their dog treats for herself.

Amber loves helping dogs look and feel their best every day. “And I wouldn’t want it any other way,” she says. “My favorite part of what I do is being able to help dogs realize that grooming doesn’t have to be a scary experience. I spend time getting to know each one of my furry clients personally so that I can understand what works best to make their time with me as stress free and enjoyable as possible.”

Winner: Amber, Neila and Holden Futhey with pups Bear, Capone and Stinson of Colorado.
Winner: Amber, Neila and Holden Futhey with pups Bear, Capone and Stinson of Colorado. Photography by Desiree.

Follow the gang on Instagram and Facebook at classyaspup. “I had been taking photos of the four of them lined up like that since the ‘hairless dog’ was born. On this occasion she decided to pick up a stick and put it right in her mouth at the perfect moment. We always joked that she was going to think she was a dog since she was raised around three, and this confirmed our suspicions.”

Eat, Drink, Pawty — Wally

Eat, Drink, Pawty winner— Wally.
Eat, Drink, Pawty winner— Wally.

Surrounded by four generations of family in her neighborhood, native Atlantan Nina Shields loves spending time with family and doing pro-bono photography for numerous charities around the city. Of course, 1-year-old Biewer Terrier Wally makes a perfect subject. “He has been a huge blessing,” she says, “adding fun to our family and bringing smiles to faces who are in great need of them.”

Although a great believer in rescues, Nina’s allergy and asthma problems limited her choices. After a lot of research and deliberation, she chose this not well-known German dog breed. “He is super playful,” she adds, “and loves chasing miniature tennis balls and playing with his littermate, Lily (when she visits), and big brother, Teddy.”

Charity definitely begins at Nina’s home. She’s a fan and supporter of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, plus runs a foundation for an amazing little boy who had to endure the amputation of all his limbs. “My photography has been used to benefit his medical trust fund,” she says. “I have a heart for special-needs children, so I thoroughly enjoy photographing the wonderful families associated with the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta.”

Winner: Nina Shields and Wally of Georgia.
Winner: Nina Shields and Wally of Georgia. Photography courtesy Carol Taylor.

Follow Wally and big brother Teddy on their Facebook page at teddysmilebringer. “I took this photo to celebrate Wally’s first birthday so that I could post it on his Facebook page that is used by children’s hospitals to entertain the patients.”

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